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HAIRDOTCOM Running Courses With Alan Howard

It’s time to book ‘in real life’ education! And what better investment than with the talented team that makes up HAIRDOTCOM Art Team. This time they’ve teamed up with Alan Howard to run their highly sought-after courses in the Alan Howard spaces.

“HAIRDOTCOM is all about collaboration and we’re really excited to announce that this year we’re collaborating with one of the industry’s biggest names, Alan Howard. We’ve partnered with the hair and beauty suppliers to bring you education across the country, using their network and spaces to help us deliver our special brand of education to even more people than ever before.  We can’t wait to be back out on the road and bring you some incredible expertise from our team”   Carolyn Newman, HAIRDOTCOM Education Manager.

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WIG CUTTING & STYLING CLASS 8th September, Stockport

This course will cover wig and weft cutting, styling, and fitting which is essential for any catwalk, television photographic or session work. But also, the consumer, in-salon side for clients that might need that extra support due to illness or medical issues including client well-being. This course is taught by HAIRDOTCOM’s Director Craig Chapman, who has worked with wigs for over 30 years you will learn the fashion and creative side plus the sensitive, commercial side.

  • Learn the key differences between cutting wigs and real hair.
  • Fitting and removal of wigs and wefts
  • The colour and styling guidelines
  • How to use wigs/wefts effectively for quick changes
  • Creating a wig cutting and styling service in your salon
  • One Day Class
  • Editorial, Creative, Commercial wig and weft work
  • Demonstrations and Practical
  • At least 3 years minimum experience required.

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SOCIALLY AWKWARD 21st September, Stockport

The HAIRDOTCOM Team have combined their social media powers to bring you a fun and dynamic social media course like no other. We will promote a healthy relationship and help you fall in love with social media. This course is ran by Vivienne Johns, Casey Coleman and Harriet Stokes.

  • The power of social networking
  • Learn how to use your social media to grow your business.
  • How to create content to attract new clients and build a loyal community online.
  • Learn to create a beautiful aesthetic to boss your branding.
  • Why your engagement rate matters more than follower numbers.
  • The insight of your insights.
  • How to handle feelings of negativity around social media.
  • No Secrets
  • One Day Class
  • Lectures, Demonstrations and Activities
  • Open to all level hairdressers, salon receptionists, managers, and salon owners

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TEXTURE ARTIST CLASS – 28th September, Leeds

An introduction class with our award-winning expert, Michelle Thompson on gaining an understanding and knowledge in Afro and Texture Hairdressing.

  • Identifying different curl patterns and afro hair types
  • Preparation and backwash process
  • The importance of correct product selection and application
  • Learn the experts’ secrets so you gain confidence with afro hair.
  • An introduction to Afro/Textured hair with Key Styling Tips
  • One Day Class
  • Theory, Demonstrations and Workshops
  • Suitable for qualified hairdressers with minimum 3-years’ experience

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FAST FASHION CLASS – 4th October, Stockport

This course with Alastair Jubbs will cover television, photographic, catwalk and session styling. Each of these require fast fashion styling skills with an expressive attitude which can be translated into salon services.

  • Powerful Preparation
  • Learn how to prepare your creative mind to be fast.
  • The express tips and tricks no one tells you.
  • The kitbag essentials: not forgetting how to use wigs and pieces.
  • From hairstyling to cutting to speedy colour makeovers
  • An inspired class helping you to fine tune your creative and finishing skills.
  • One day class
  • Demonstrations and Practical
  • Open to all level hairdressers

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COLOUR ARTIST CLASS – 18th October, Leeds

Teaching you a no-nonsense approach to creative colour services delivering high end quality colour with HAIRDOTCOM’s Educator Carolyn Newman

  • Consult, Decide, Apply
  • Colouring hair as a visual artist
  • Create Bespoke colouring services for your clients.
  • The importance of linking sectioning and application.
  • Creating colour combinations and palettes
  • The dos and don’ts and the rule breaker tips.
  • One day class
  • Demonstrations and Practical
  • Open to all level hairdressers/colourists

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A hair class designed around the world of brides, with HAIRDOTCOM’s Bridal expert Elizabeth Rita, using sound finishing skills and current styling trends. Learn how to create a Bridal service menu suitable for your business.

  • The Bridezilla411! (Client psychology)
  • The bridal service process – consultation, communication, hair & makeup tests
  • Schedules and contracts – hair and makeup
  • Preparation – building the foundation of the style.
  • How to achieve a perfect finish on all lengths of hair
  • Advanced Bridal Skills – Enhance your strengths.
  • Importance of the total look–hair, dress, and makeup
  • The correct tools and products you need.
  • One Day Class
  • Demonstrations and Practical
  • Open to all level hairdressers

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