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Introducing Root Cause Clinical

What is Root Cause Clinical?

Founded by qualified Trichologist Wil Fleeson and Victoria Russell an experienced Management Consultant, Root Cause Clinical bridges the gap between the hair consultation and the need for science- based advice. When it comes to hair and scalp issues Root Cause Clinical is your online portal for support, advice and more.

What Root Cause Clinical Offer

As a hairdresser, we know you are often so much more than someone who cuts and colours hair – much of the time you are also a friend and confidante to your clients. But in a post-pandemic world, with stress affecting how your clients feel and look like never before, we also know that you can’t answer every single question, especially when it concerns the health of a clients’ hair or scalp.

By recommending Root Cause Clinical to your clients, you’re letting them know that you feel they need a little more care and attention. After a consultation with one of our trusted experts, we’ll offer an informed approach to their diagnosis, taking the time to fully discuss and understand their hair or scalp issues. Clients will receive their report within 48 hours of their initial appointment and are free to share the report with their hairdresser as they can help review how their hair and scalp improves.

We also offer follow-up appointments if necessary and there’s an option for genetic video consultations for hair loss conditions diagnosed after the initial appointment.

Most importantly, there’s no need for your clients to have to ‘find time’ to get to us; they can access our team of Trichologists via a secure integrated client system using video software, at a time that suits them. This way they can discuss confidentially what can often be a troubling dilemma from the comfort of their own home and get the support they really need at an affordable price.

The missing link

Sometimes, despite your expertise, creativity and understanding, you can’t always give your clients the confidence to tackle hair loss or scalp issues that cause discomfort and even embarrassment. By letting your clients know about Root Cause Clinical, you’re showing them that you’re invested in their wellness and that you want them to have expert advice, at the click of a button. We see Root Cause Clinical as being the perfect partner for any hairdresser; whether you are salon-based or freelance.

“Root Cause Clinical provides salons and clients with a unique service,” adds co- founder Wil. “Salons can feel confident in the knowledge that they have referred their client to Root Cause Clinical and as fully trained trichologists we will be able to provide a detailed diagnosis and next steps to help them with their hair and scalp challenge – all from the comfort and privacy of their own home.”

Want to know more?

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