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Issue 21 of SalonEVO North America is out NOW!

It’s Issue 21 of SalonEVO North America! This issue is all about icons. How do you become an icon? How do you create iconic looks? Well, the first step is getting your work on the pages of our magazine!  

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It’s that funny time of year. Summer is starting to wind down, but it’s not over yet! We talk about transitioning trends and how to stay up to date with the latest. Remember to stock up on and get ready for the season of pumpkin spice and coppers galore.  

Kicking off our feature on icons, we have an in-depth interview with the wonderful and inspiring Garren. From Audrey Hepburn to Madonna, Naomi Campbell to Lady Gaga, this man knows about icons, and creating iconic looks. We also feature the likes of John Moroney, Vice President of Global Education for Olaplex, our star columnist, Keya Neal, and Wahl Professional’s latest campaign – The Wahl Icons.  

Never underestimate the value of great nails and the value of a great nail artist! This is one thing that the Co-Founder and Style Director of CND knows to be true. Check out the interview we did with Jan at Premiere Orlando! We also talk about the latest styles and trends in nail art, and how to achieve anything from a successful studio to becoming a celebrity manicurist.  

Hair loss can be an emotional and sensitive subject for a lot of people out there, whether it is caused by chemical damage, illness, or seemingly no explanation at all. By becoming educated on hair loss and how to help your clients, you are doing more than just giving them their hair back, you are giving them their confidence back. This feature, we give you the advice you need, and some tools and tricks to help your clients achieve a healthy, luscious head of hair.  

Lash and brow services are one of the fastest-growing and most popular sectors of the beauty industry these days. Whether they are used as an add-on service in a hair or beauty salon, or they are the main focus in a brow and lash bar, they shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated. Our experts tell you why. 

Finally, let’s talk interiors and salon furniture. Your salon should represent you! But gone are the days when you need to sacrifice quality and durability for aesthetics. We feature several salons, with very different vibes, each showing off their unique style and sensibility, from glam to rustic, and classic to exotic.  

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