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Remi Cachet Scoop Best Ethical Hair Initiative Award

Remi Cachet have been awarded a Hair Hero award by Marie Claire for the Best Ethical Hair Initiative in their latest Hair Awards.  Judged by 20 high profile industry experts, sustainability champions and influencers, all attracted to the idea of not filling landfill with hair waste and putting it to good use for the environment. 

Winners were announced via a virtual live stream awards ceremony with pre-recorded acceptances from the winning brands.   On winning, founder Victoria Lynch commented: “We are so pleased to have the Hair Recycling Scheme recognised by the industry with this award and find a better use for the unwanted hair.   The initiative has led us to re-evaluate other areas to become more sustainable and develop all our packaging to be recyclable.   It’s great to see so many salons becoming greener and taking part in the hair recycling scheme.”

The hair recycling scheme:

No one wants to put their hair extensions in the bin, seeing the hair they loved swept up from the salon floor and binned.  So back in 2018 hair extension brand, Remi Cachet created their Hair Extension Recycling Scheme for stylist and hair extension lovers to simply send their old extensions back to be reused again for cleaning up the world’s oceans. 

There is limited choice to reuse hair extensions, some offer up for wig making but they are particular about the hair and cannot accept the volumes of hair heading to landfill.  With a view to encourage ‘greener’ efforts in the industry, Remi Cachet opened the scheme to all hair brands and all types of extensions from the beginning.   

Quite simply, all an extensionist or extension wearer needs to do is post back the hair in a neat bundle.   Once at head office, the hair is collated and shipped on to a Matter of Trust, a charity using the hair to make hair matts and booms, that absorb oil and collect debris from our oceans and rivers, preventing water contamination and aiding ocean life.   Conscious of the carbon footprint, shipments are planned once sufficient Is collated and have been limited to stay here in the UK.  

Ending Recycle Week in 2020, Remi Cachet announced their first ever Hair Recycler of the Year as Joanne Fox of Hair by Joanne from Hartlepool.  A regular donor to the scheme, Joanne has returned over 25 kilos of hair in 2019.  

“I am really proud of this award. Since the Remi Cachet Recycling scheme started, I haven’t thrown away any hair, I even save all my exclusive packaging so it can be reused too!  I try hard to recycle at home and I think it is really important that we all do our bit to help our planet. I would urge any hair extensionist who throws hair in the bin to stop and donate it to this amazing scheme.”  Joanne Fox.

Remi Cachet continue their sustainable message with 100% recyclable packaging, often biodegradable, and with the hair scheme, the complete product is 100% recyclable.   Other initiatives also encourage greater use of re-using and upcycling where possible, for example supplying larger aftercare supplies to salons for client refills.  Extension wearers are encouraged to take better care of their extensions so that they last at least a year, to make them more sustainable beauty option.