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Vagaro Offering Key Tools to Small Business Owners As U.K. Inflation Remains at Record Highs

As inflation across the U.K. remains at record highs, with reports earlier this year revealing prices rising at the fastest pace in 40 years, Vagaro seeks to lessen the burden of maintaining business operations and financial woes on small business owners during this time. 

Vagaro, the leading comprehensive business management platform for the beauty, fitness, and wellness industries, is offering generous service options to small businesses in the U.K.

Realizing many owners are currently facing unavoidable cost increases in expenses such as wages, electricity, and supplies, the software company is providing relief for businesses by offering its most popular add-on features such as Xero integration, online store, and website builder, at no additional cost to the base price.  

These tools all have a proven history of increasing sales and revenue for users, which can greatly benefit businesses especially during these trying times.  

Additionally, Vagaro aims to help business owners find more breathing room by offering a low payment processing fee of just 1.29% + £0.20.  VP of Marketing, Charity Hudnall, says, “Cultivating strong relationships with our customers by truly putting them first is the strongest pillar in our company’s culture.  

Listening to their needs, especially during trying times, and responding not only with a solution, but a helping hand along the way, is ingrained in the way our entire team operates.  

When our customers succeed, we succeed, and our relationships are strengthened.”  

This is not the first time Vagaro has implemented relief for small businesses during uncertain economic circumstances. In 2020, the company previously offered its services to users completely free of charge due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  

Small business owners not currently on Vagaro who are looking to try a new software to help manage and automate their tasks can also currently sign up for an extended, 30-day free trial.   

About Vagaro 

Vagaro, Inc. is the leading business management and payment processing platform, and online marketplace for the beauty, fitness, and wellness industries. Service professionals in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia use Vagaro to manage, market and grow their business. Consumers choose Vagaro to search for and book wellness services on any device. To learn more, visit or