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Mark McCarthy, Owner of the luxurious MARKDAVID salon in Edinburgh, is delighted to announce his collaboration with hair colourists favourite foil brand, Foil Me Foils. 

Mark is the very first hairdresser in the UK to collaborate with the brand and the partnership arose from Mark’s great relationship with the brand and his passion for using the foils since opening his MARKDAVID salon just over two years ago. Mark hails from Australia and has always had a strong affinity with the brand – loving their sustainable philosophy and admiring their ability to create a practical product that has an edge.  

Mark was using the foils, purchasing the special editions and regularly posting his work using the foils on social media. The natural affinity Mark and the team at Foil Me Foils had made the initial conversation easy. Foil Me Foils had created foils for salons out with the UK, but had never collaborated with a UK hair artist.  

The foils, named ‘The Stella’ capture Mark David’s love for Art Deco, his family and his gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Stella. All elements are integral in Mark’s life, meticulously illustrated and graphically designed by Foil Me artists, Emily Ciardiello and Chelsea Winter. The distinctive parquetry design complements the luscious forest green background and golden palette of Stella. In a beautiful symbolic tribute to Mark’s close family members, the box design comprises of blue flowers on the light wood and gold parquetry, ensuring this foil is an exceptional representation of what art truly is! As with all Foil Me Foils, the foils are 100% recyclable and are created with the aim of giving colourists an easier, more enjoyable experience in the salon. 

Quote from Mark McCarthy, Owner of MARKDAVID commented, “Creating the new foil design with Foil Me Foils was such a fantastic experience. I love being creative and it was so much fun to collaborate with the brand – they worked so hard to meet my vision and create the perfect foils for me. This includes nailing the correct tones, adding small finishing touches such as stems to the flowers and ensuring they had the exact type of lilies that I loved, not only for their look but also for the meaning behind them. I hope my team, clients and other salon owners and colourists will love the design as much as I do and I can’t wait to get everyone’s feedback!” 

Quote from Emily, Foil Me Foil’s Co-Founder and Creative Director, “I really enjoyed working with Mark David; he is remarkably talented and his artistic vision is clearly reflected in his award-winning salon. I was so honoured and incredibly excited to illustrate Stella – her energy was captivating.  

With every custom foil we create, each element is scrutinised and we ensure the salon and Foil Me’s brand is reflected in the design. To depict the Art Deco beauty of Mark David Salon, and also include personal details such as the blue flowers, yet still make it accessible to other Foil Me movers by capturing the essence of Stella, was an amazing experience.” 

Pricing as follows: 
Original – £22.50 
Wide – £23.50 
Ex Wide – £23.50 

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