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Hair Icon Anne Veck All For Updated Learning

Oxford hairdressing icon says that in this day and age there is just no excuse for hairdressers to not be trained in how to cut and style Afro and textured hair.

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) published a recent review of the standard of cutting hair, and have decided to update how trainees and apprentices are taught. We did a full article on this not long ago, it’s here if you want to check out the full story.

Follows this new update, hairdressers in the UK will now learn how to work with all hair types, which now means that people Afro and textured hair will have more accessibility to hair treatments.

Anne Veck, who runs hair salon Anne Veck Oxford, is rejoiced to learn of the news and feels hairdressers should be able to cut and style all hair types.

She said: “Imagine always hating your hair because of how people treated you at school, and then looking for a local hair salon as an adult, only to find that they don’t cater for you”.

People who have Afro and textured hair have for the longest time not been able to get their hair treated on the high streets of their local cities, and this is down to a lack of education.

When the Black Lives Matter movement came to the forefront of the political and social spheres during lockdown, many industries were called into question about inclusion and diversity.

In the hair sector a large percentage of that focus was on the lack of training on black hair being delivered in colleges.

Anne Veck finishes her thoughts on the subject by saying “If this year has taught us anything, it’s that hair salons must be ready and willing to adapt while responding to the needs of society. We’ve seen first-hand the value of community support and how knowledge and skill sharing can keep the industry moving forward”.