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Hair Salon Creates Code-Word Initiative to Create Safe Space for Threatened Individuals

As women’s safety has been a topic on everyone’s minds these days, business owners are thinking of innovative ways to look out for members of the public.

After stories have emerged of women being followed and harassed on the streets of downtown Vancouver, Milo Salon has decided to step up and make itself known as a safe space.

In an Instagram post, Milo Salon wrote: “In light of recent and extremely disturbing events around the city, we feel it is our duty to not only advocate but to help eradicate by being a safe haven for all members of our community.”

If anyone is feeling threatened or unsafe while walking nearby, they can now duck into Milo Salon and implement their code-word initiative: ask for a “special appointment.”

After hearing the code, salon staff will understand you are in danger, contact local authorities, and provide a safe and locked space for you to stay until authorities arrive.

Harassment of any kind to anyone, the salon adds, “is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

Milo Salon is located at 1335 Rolston Street.