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High-energy creativity and inspiration at Matrix Evolve

The Matrix Evolve event combined education and high energy for an evening of showstopping excitement and inspiration.  

More than 400 stylists from all corners of the UK and Ireland descended on the Audacious Conferencing Centre in the heart of Manchester for the high-octane show. Many users connected online on the streaming platform and were able to take a virtual tour of the interactive space and join in with the conversation from behind their screens – sharing an online chat room with in-person guests in Manchester. Evolve was a celebration of community, inclusivity and fun from start to finish and we will certainly see the ripple effect of the impact that this has had on the industry as time progresses.  

Host for the evening was the delectable Dom Lehane, industry expert and podcaster, and the show featured Matrix Artists from the UK&I alongside Global Spokesperson Alfredo Lewis and celebrity stylist Danielle Keasling from the US. Creative colours ranged from deep pink to a twist on the popular face-framing balayage and a clean, lilac marbling effect.  

“It’s incredible how we all connected digitally over the last few years, but we thrive on community and being together. There is nothing like the Matrix community for shared encouragement and inclusivity for everyone,” stated Alfredo. He demonstrated the new Open Air, the perfect pre-bonded lightener for beautiful balayages. “Consistency and keeping a clean brush are the secret weapons to a successful balayage,” he said. 

Bright lights, loud music and audience participation was all part of the fun – with a ‘hair off’ between two teams, a cutting jam and a styling jam as well as a live photo shoot with Desmond Murray.  

The Matrix Ambassador Artists included UKI Ambassador, Lisa Farrall, with John Anthoney, Simon Townley, Carol Ritchie, Michelle Summers Davies, Michael Convey, Niall McNulty, Terry Longden, Christian Wiles, Niamh Hayden and Ross Taylor all taking to the stage to showcase the latest Matrix colours and techniques, as well as cutting and styling trends.  

Niall McNulty said: “Block colour is going to be the hottest trend this summer. We can see it in the clothes, in the make-up, it’s even in the Matrix branding! Clients are going to love this trend so get ready for it.” 

Alfie Booth discussed the future of education – in a VR world. “The future of education is accessibility for everyone. To be a great hairdresser you can’t do it with hands-on experience alone. You need to understand the craft, you need to visualise the structure; it’s not just the how and when, but also the why.” 

He also revealed details about the new Headsheet, fully immersive 3D hair education, which will be accessible for everyone through the L’Oreal Access education platform later this year.  

As Lisa Farrall worked on beautiful copper textured hair, she said it’s about inspiring one another. “As an industry we need to inspire each other and share our knowledge, It’s all about collaboration, not competition. We have so much to offer, we’re the rock stars of the creative world!” 

The finale turned into an impromptu party as models danced and hairdressers took to the catwalk, with gigantic helium balloons creating a party atmosphere letting everyone know at Matrix, everyone is welcome. 

To learn more, follow #MatrixEvolve or search Matrix replay on L’Oreal Access to watch the event recording.