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Need a New Salon Space? HotPatch Has Got Your Back

HotPatch is the go-to platform for those seeking professional flexibility in the Hair and Beauty sector.  

HotPatch allows users to find any space they need, from nail stations to beauty rooms; available in locations all around the country, and bookable on a flexible basis to match their own schedules.  

Likewise, if you’re a salon or nail-bar owner (or an owner of any space, really!) HotPatch enables you to make extra income by making it accessible to a buzzing community of professionals and freelancers.  

Over 60% of the beauty industry are working freelance in the UK, and HotPatch was built to remove many of the obstacles they face and make finding a space to work as simple and smooth as possible. 

Need a more professional location to serve clients from? Planning a long trip elsewhere and want to get a few days work in? Fancy working nearer your clients? Or maybe even a little closer to home? Grow your professional network with HotPatch, and work from a whole host of stunning salons or beauty rooms, all at your fingertips.   

So then, how do you use HotPatch to find your next work space?  

  1. Sign up for free at, and browse our categories to find whatever space you need. 
  2. Filter Patches depending on your location, availability, amenities and price.  
  3. Click to book, get connected to the host, and that’s it! Simple as that. You’ve found yourself a Patch. 

How do you use HotPatch, if you have space to rent?  

  1. Sign up to HotPatch on  
  2. List the details of your Patch, such as location, price, amenities, with a brief description of the space. 
  3. Publish that listing and let the Patch community at it!  

And that’s everything there is to it. 

No more scouring the internet to find if a salon has a spare chair, or going from door to door checking availability. Connect with hosts in just a couple of clicks, and work where you want, when you want.  

Say it with us: 
Make Space Work For You.