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Not Another Salon based on London’s Brick Lane have made waves in the industry by providing a safe space for clients with mental health issues, special needs and all members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Three years ago Not Another Salon introduced ‘The Silent Haircut’ to the world; a revolutionary approach to your hair appointment focused on mental health and what YOU need from your time in the chair.

Founder, Sophia Hilton, says: “The Silent Haircut is for just about anyone who wants a bit of peace and quiet during their hair appointment, but it can be especially helpful for clients with non-neuro typical minds, such as those with Aspergers, Autism, or just simple those who find ‘small talk’ difficult.”

With this optional service being seen and heard on larger platforms around the world, three years on Sophia reflects on the feedback:

“The feedback from some hairdressers is as a professional we should be able to tell when the client doesn’t want to speak; I massively disagree with this statement. As someone with anxiety I know I will often talk continuously when I’m feeling very anxious, especially in a social situation like visiting a hairdresser. Although I’m talking, the truth is I don’t want to speak at all. Once the hairdresser recognises me as chatty it will dictate my appointment vibe. If in advance of my appointment I had the option to book a silent service I would have a moment to think about the experience I really wanted. Even the biggest extravert is looking for downtime!”

She goes on to say: “A wave salons around the world are now doing ‘silent services’. I receive countless messages from hairdressers asking questions about how to implement the service. It really is quite simple, the client books in for a ‘silent haircut’ and when the client arrives the hairdresser says hello, does a full consultation and continues to ask questions about the hair throughout the service if needed.

We simply leave out the chitchat – and that’s it!”

Whether you’re in need of a safe space, some quiet time or just feel to burnt out for small talk, why not opt for a Silent Service? As great as it feels to leave the salon with your dream hair, it feels 10 times better when you leave having had an experience tailored to your needs.