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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

OUT NOW: North America Issue 6


Itโ€™s been an exciting few months here at SalonEVO Towers, as we launched the debut UK edition of our beloved SalonEVO in January. The success thus far of our North American title gave us the confidence to take SalonEVO back across the Atlantic to the UK & Ireland. To say it has gone well is an understatement! The feedback has been incredible, and we are excited to look forward to 2021.

In this wonderful issue, the excitement is already building with the announcement of the NAHA finalists. we offer our congratulations to them all, and we feature a submission from the finalists. The NAHA awards ceremony is scheduled for August 29, and we think we can speak for the industry when we say that everyone would love to be able to be there, to be at any event, in person, shaking hands and refuelling the passion for hair and beauty.

In this issue we have a special feature on nails. Those 10 (or 20) opportunities to advertise your personality through what you choose to have painted on your nails is so important for self-expression, and we celebrate the latest technologies available, the brands on the cutting edge, and the joy of nail art.

A hugely important issue in the beauty industry right now is how it can be more sustainable. Waste is a massive concern within the industry, and we have spoken to salon owners who have taken their personal commitment to being eco-friendly and carried it through to their salon and their business practices.

We have a fantastic selection of salon interiors to browse. Design is so personal, and how you choose to furnish your salon and what dรฉcor you choose can make or break the visual you are trying to create. Check out these salons that have come up with something incredible.

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome four amazing new columnists for SalonEVO. We are so thrilled to have the insight, knowledge and creative experience of Otto Mitter, Olivia Smalley, Nina Tulio and Whitney Vermeer, featuring inside every edition of SalonEVO North America in 2021.

We hope you enjoy the read. You can order your print copy here.