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Out Now: SalonEVO UK & Ireland Issue 7 – January 2022

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Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022! 

Another year come and gone. What a crazy year 2021 was! Thank you to all of you who were along for the ride. We hope you all had a safe and joyful festive break and are ready to take on the new year with the same amount of excitement and enthusiasm as we have for whatever 2022 brings our way. 

We present our first issue of 2022 to you, jam-packed with inspirational, educational and entertaining content and interviews from industry heroes, fabulous up-and-comers, and everyone in between. 

Looking forward to 2022

In this issue, we talk about all the things we have to look forward to in 2022, including the hottest trends in hair styling, colour, nails, beauty, with experts such as Desmond Murray, Anne Veck, Michaella Bolder, Michelle Humphrey, Sophia Hilton, and more! We also talk about the events, competitions, and awards you should be jotting into your calendars, to make the most of this year!

Salon Interiors

Your salon interior says a lot about you, your business, your brand, and your values… so, what does your salon say about you? In this feature, we talk about what makes a stellar interior, from the furniture, the technology, to the décor and aesthetic. Plus, we discuss how your salon interior can become a unique selling point, drawing in new clients and good vibes. Not only do we peak into stunning salon interiors, like Adam Reed’s London Salon, or Kayleigh Jane Extensions in Leeds, but into what makes a beautiful Blow Dry Bar, at London’s Duck and Dry, how to nail a beauty salon, at Edinburgh’s Nail Yard, and how a barbershop can be just as glam as a salon, at Glasgow’s Rebel Rebel. 

Avant Garde

Avant Garde is all about pushing the boundaries of art, fashion and beauty. Although it might look ‘out there’ to the untrained eye, it is entirely important to pay attention to in this industry, as it is the Avant Garde creations which trickle down, eventually into everyday styles and trends. The team from the Danilo Boutique Salon talk about breaking into Avant Garde, and how teamwork makes these dreams work. Accomplished makeup artist, writer, and podcaster Lan Nguyen talks about Avant Garde from the perspective of the MUA, and the important role makeup plays in the creation of these boundary-pushing looks. We also speak with the legendary Angelo Seminara, to talk about the inspiration behind his collections, and how he stays inspired and motivated to create stunning works time after time.

Waxing and Hair Removal

It may not be the most relaxing service, but with the technology, products and education that there is out there today, waxing is far from the painful experience it once was. From the beauty therapist’s perspective, waxing can be an incredibly lucrative, consistent, and satisfying service to add to their routine, especially with the right products and education. We speak with waxing pros, such as Abbie McInnes, owner and educator at the Kamm Academy in Glasgow, Kasey Cadwallader from Kasey’s Browtique in Birmingham, and Lois of Si Belle Beauty Salon in Essex, who all talk about the benefits of waxing, and what you should know when bringing it into your salon. 

Styling and Finishing 

A good haircut is important, but with the right style and finishing touches, a masterpiece is created. For that, you need the right tools and products to work with. Kicking this feature off, we have award-winning Errol Douglas MBE who talks about his approach to styling, and his go-to tools, products and techniques. We also have input from a collective of stylists, such as Becky Sutherland, Mathew Watt, Emmanuel Esteban, Robert Eaton, and Michael Gray, who share what’s in their magic kits for creating the perfect styles.

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