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Saturday, April 17, 2021


Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree line has long been dedicated to supporting healthy forests, and their new initiative furthers this intention.

The unique tree-planting program enables Tea Tree enthusiasts, as well as the entire hairdressing industry, to take advantage of an accessible online platform to plant trees around the world.

This new effort plans to:

  • Offset 359,773,920 miles worth of CO2 from cars
  • Support reforestation efforts in Peru and Haiti
  • Benefit local communities through additional revenue sources
  • Educate children on the importance of trees and environment

Just one tree creates:

  • An offset of 360 miles’ worth of CO2 from cars
  • 4 months of oxygen
  • 3 animal habitats
  • 1 hour of work for a local farmer

In an added push for sustainability, since the beginning of 2020, Tea Tree has been making the tubes and pucks of Paul Mitchell’s bottles as well as their cardboard packaging from post-consumer recycled plastic.

This effort will move toward cleaner air, homes for native wildlife and employment and income for local farmers. If you would like to plant a tree and support sustainable living, simply use the code TEATREE2020 to plant a tree for free here.