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Your home of hair, beauty, nails and more! – A New Live Learning Educational Outlet

With in-person education coming to a screeching halt last year, Tracey Napotnik wanted to find a way for beauty professionals to continue to have access to LIVE learning, so she created, a universal platform for advanced education.  This new resource not only provides content for stylists to grow, it also provides a much-needed platform for educators and companies to parlay their LIVE educational game to the digital world.

“When live shows stopped, most stylists started watching pre-recorded classes, which are convenient and affordable, yet we were all missing the real time interaction,” explains Napotnik. membership is free and grants access to up to 4 free classes a month and a random monthly drawing for prizes like free class credits and/or products and tickets.  All other classes are à la carte, start at $25 and are always LIVE and interactive, so questions can be answered in real-time and new products can be showcased.

Education: Ambitious new talent, leading coaches, and industry legends can all be searched by name and/or course category. Classes range from design to advanced balayage to personal development…there is something for everyone.  New courses are added on a regular basis…Freestyle Systems will be showcasing how to use the Freestylist, a weightless blow drying system that reduces drying time and is more convenient and comfortable for stylists.  Babe Hair Extensions, ClienTrak, AB Salon Equipment and CANVAS ME are all part of the community as well.

  • Classes: one-time events ranging from 30 minutes to several hours
  • Workshops: multi-day events that can span several weeks
  • Masterminds: ongoing series taught by industry experts.

Trainers: allows educators to reach more people by providing the digital platform, creating a private community of trainers to share experiences, success, and ideas, and by marketing the classes to increase attendance.  It’s flexible, educators can list classes on their own time…once a year or multiple times a month, so it can serve as a primary or supplemental educational platform.  Educators interested in joing others such as Bonnie Bonadeo, Mary and Phillip Wilson, Gino Stampora, Nikki Lee and Joseph Santi can apply here.