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Takara Belmont Launch Luxury Backwash Solution

There’s no doubt that client comfort is at the heart of every hairdressing service. And yet, whilst clients expect great service, exemplary hairdressing and immaculate technical results, their experience is defined by much more than great hair alone.

With a century of world-leading expertise in salon equipment, every Takara Belmont concept is the result of two principle aims. First, to ensure that the visual, functional and material aspects of each piece deliver an exceptional customer experience that defines levels of luxury and satisfaction. Second, to deliver ergonomic, functional and technological perfection to facilitate every salon service seamlessly, and ensure that stylists and technicians exceed performance expectations every time. 


No equipment piece is more central to meeting these aims than the backwash and Takara Belmont takes this to new heights with the new RS Primo.

Luxuriously padded seating and side panels cushion your client in pure comfort as adjustable seat motions, a reclining backrest and extending leg-rest ensure idyllic service positioning. A wide, deep and adjustable tilting basin with a gel-filled neck rest combine with thermostatic water temperature control – and a newly designed shower-head that regulates water volume and pressure – to support the client perfectly and ensure pleasure in every shampoo.

RS Primo ensures pure relaxation and indulgence during every salon visit whilst giving you the complete peace of mind that your equipment will exceed performance demands and deliver quality and style reliably for many years to come.

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Prices: £4000.00 + vat