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The Perfect Yellow for Summertime

As the clocks go back we’re officially at the start of British Summer Time – and what better way to celebrate than with top tips on creating the perfect yellow, courtesy of Pulp Riot Artist, Emma Graves. 

“Yellow is such a happy colour because it makes you feel warm and bright!” she says. “It’s the most energetic colour, it’s eye catching, it makes you feel optimistic and cheerful. It can also awaken greater confidence in your colour work!” 

Creating yellow on the hair can look stunning, so follow these tips to create the perfect hue.  

  1. Go big or go home!! I love creating full heads of yellow, my clients love it and it makes them feel amazing, they get so many compliments from their yellow hair and they can’t be missed. Get creative and check out the palette in the Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent range. 
  2. If a client is a bit nervous about yellow do a little on the ends of the hair, or some small panelling work to get them introduced to the colour.  
  3. If someone isn’t feeling it don’t force it, it’s such a strong colour. 
  4. Show clients yellow when talking about colour, a lot of them will never have thought about it and as soon as they see it coming out of the tube, they will love it!  
  5. Add some purple to your yellow to get a real grungy feel in the colour.  
  6. Try and lift the hair as close to the colour as you want as it will help it last longer. 
  7. Yellow looks amazing on warm skin tones so don’t be afraid of it.  
  8. Adding a cooler tone into your mix makes it adaptable to all skin tones. 

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*no animal derived ingredients are used in any Pulp Riot product.