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Postiche Academy is the newest trichology training and education platform for hairdressers in the UK. Award winning hairdresser and salon owner, Krysia West designed this online training center with her sister and business partner, Kirsty Rodziewicz. Created with stylists in mind who want to transform their client’s wellbeing using premium hair loss solutions.

Around one in every three women in the UK will experience issues with hair loss or thinning in their lifetime. Krysia and Kirsty identified a distinct gap in the market for resources and solutions to combat this, thus Postiche Academy was born. Postiche Academy aims to train hairdressers in becoming experts in helping those in need of professional and reliable advice on their hair loss journey.

Client wellbeing is at the heart of this new education platform. Following a course with Postiche Academy, hairdressers will be equipped to provide professional advice and offer positive, premium solutions that will improve clients’ quality of life and wellbeing. Hands on education will be given to teach hairdressers how to professionally fit extensions correctly to ensure the health of the hair is maintained. Theoretical education will be given to teach them how to be approachable, sensitive, professional and positive with their clients’ when it comes to this often taboo subject.

The first course will be held at Perfectly Posh Hair Design on 23rd August 2021 and a second on 27th September 2021. To book please email

CEO of Postiche Academy, Krysia West commented;

“Drawing on my personal experiences and expertise as a professional hairdresser, trichology has become a passion and it’s a personal mission to increase hair loss awareness through ensuring other hairdressers receive the proper education and training, and by offering products fit for purpose.”

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