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Saturday, May 8, 2021


Our first issue is a beautiful representation of the world our readers adore – bright, bold and forever breaking boundaries.

What’s on the horizon for 2021? We talk trends with industry giants, and colour features highly.  We have spoken to those that are breaking new ground in the colour world, and find out what inspires them and find out what their go-to products are that help them produce life changing results. 

Also featured is a fantastic array of interiors that have been carefully thought-out to create maximum impact both as a first impression and as a place to retreat to, relax in, and to help build lasting relationships with clients.

Brows and lashes are making a strong impact on the beauty world and we look at the trends in this sector as well as speaking to a henna brow expert who has taken her interest in this growing service to a new level by producing her own henna range as well as opening her own brows and lashes academy. 

You can order a printed copy of this debut edition right here.

Welcome to SalonEVO UK.