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Women are spending more money on their hair and beauty regimes than ever before in a quest to maintain their youthful looks, whilst also sparing no expense in treating and pampering themselves, following months of lockdown restrictions throughout 2020 and 2021. 

A new survey carried out by Pamperbook – the UK’s leading hair and beauty digital diary and booking app for hair and beauty salons -  has revealed that women are spending a staggering £1000 per month on hair and beauty treatments. 

The survey of 900 Pamperbook hair and beauty salons and freelancers revealed that on average their customers were spending £150-£160 per month on nails, £150-£300 per month on hair appointments, £400-£500 on aesthetics and £200-£250 per month on other beauty treatments. Combined women are spending over £1000 on nails, hair appointments, aesthetics and general beauty treatments each month.  

The biggest proportion of beauty spend each month by far is in the aesthetics sector where on average customers are spending £400-£500 per month on everything from anti-wrinkle injections to laser facial treatments.   

Average Customer Spend On Treatments  

Nails £150 -£160 per month 
Hair £150-£300 per month  
Aesthetics £400-£500 per month 
Beauty treatments £200-£250 

The Pamperbook survey also revealed that the most popular beauty treatments in demand ranged from Russian Lashes as the top beauty enhancement  to Lip Filler. Whilst the most popular hair treatment was the humble blow dry as the most popular and regular ‘go to appointment’ booked by customers followed by a colour, cut and new style.   

The Most Popular In Demand Beauty Treatments  

Beauticians – Russian Lashes   
Aesthetics – Lip Filler  
Hair Salons – Blow dry 
Nail Technicians – Builder gel 

Female beauty tech entrepreneur Jody Riley who founded Pamperbook said the survey was a fascinating insight into how much money was being spent by customers each month to maintain their beauty regimes. 

“It’s not surprising how much money women invest each month in their beauty regimes. Hair and beauty treatments are seen very much as an investment rather than a cost.   It can be a full-time job booking hair and beauty appointments each week for nails, hair, beauty treatments and aesthetics. I know from personal experience as a professionally trained beautician and someone who follows a regular hair and beauty regime that it’s an essential ritual for women to look and feel their best. 

It was one of the reasons why I came up with Pamperbook to give hair and beauty salons  the technology to allow their customers to book and pay for their hair appointments and beauty treatments.”  

Pamperbook’s  hair and beauty salon customers also revealed the Top 4 Instagram beauty influencers that their customers follow and are most influenced by for hair and beauty tips and inspiration are ranked  Molly Mae (6.2M) followed by Kim Kardashian (285M), Megan McKenna (2.3M) and Maura Higgins (3.4M)  

Top 4 Instagram Beauty Influencers Customers Are Most Influenced By  

Molly Mae 6.2M followers 
Kim Kardashian 285M followers  
Megan McKenna 2.3M followers  
Maura Higgins 3.4M followers   

The beauty and aesthetics industry has never been busier. Longstanding Pamperbook client Alex Alexander – which is run by top aesthetics nurse Alex Alexander – are busier than ever thanks to PamperBook. Bookings have increased 150% following lockdown. Beauty clients will think nothing of spending £200 on a Profhilo facial or an Aquagold facial treatment at £300 with added toxins as recently platformed by Kim Kardashian. 

Alex Alexander said. 

“Women are spending more money than ever before on beauty and aesthetics which is very much driven by a desire to look their youthful and radiant best. This is of course inspired by many of the big-name Instagram influencers such as Kim Kardashian, Molly Mae and Megan McKenna who will be endorsing and using these products and beauty regimes. Clients want to have that experience for themselves, irrespective of how much it costs.   

I have one client who will spend on average £1000 per month on a variety of aesthetic treatments with no expense spared on the latest treatments. But for most of our clients they will spend anything upwards of £700 per month on hair beauty and aesthetics. Liverpool is definitely the beauty capital of the UK in terms of pampering, beauty regimes and the latest aesthetic procedures. Once it was all about what pair of Louboutin or Jimmy Choo shoes you had, now the ladies are all about the latest procedure and investing in their aesthetics. “ 

Pamperbook Founder Jody Riley added.  

“I think women are working harder than ever before holding down jobs, running businesses, looking after the house and being mums. I can say from personal experience as a mum of two children and an entrepreneur that my hair and beauty regime is not only part of my business but also something that I invest in for my own personal well-being. Hair and beauty treatments are a natural way for women to look and feel  their very best.” 

PamperBook is the UK’s leading digital diary and appointment booking software that helps hair and beauty businesses and self-employed freelancers to manage their customer diaries, take customer bookings, deposits and payments. The software and app acts like a virtual PA, giving customers diary availability for appointments which they can book and pay for at any time of the day or night. The simple-to-use technology has been a huge hit with customers, salon owners.  

Since its inception in 2020 – and having survived several Pandemic lockdowns – Pamperbook has gone from strength to strength with more than 250,000 hair and beauty appointments booked by 56,000 customers completing 260,000 transactions using PamperPay to  pay for hair and beauty treatments   

There are over 45,000 hair and beauty salons operating across the UK. There has been a massive growth of 54% in the number of hair and beauty businesses across the UK over the five-year period to 2020. The industry contributed £8 billion to the UK economy. Barbers, beauty salons and nail salons were the top three retail categories that saw the highest growth.