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3 Tips to Achieving Fuller, Thicker Hair by Hair Prescriptives Hair Care

Hair Prescriptives, the innovator in natural and clinically proven professional hair care solutions for thinning hair/hair loss, is committed to delivering measurable results to those afflicted by this issue and to those wanting healthier, fuller, thicker hair overall. After all, most of us will experience temporary hair loss, shedding or thinning hair at some point in our lives. In the US alone, an estimated total of 56 million people (35 million men and 21 million women) are currently suffering from thinning hair or hair loss. 

Hair Prescriptives shares 3 tips to achieving fuller, thicker hair easily!

1. Scalp is key: There is a reason why the scalp has the highest blood circulation for any given area in the body. Blood carries essential nutrients and hormones to the scalp to stimulate what is known as the anagen phase of hair production. This phase is vital as it helps hair growth and fullness.  Reduced blood circulation to the scalp can conversely impede the growth of hair. Hair thinning and loss may also be a result of clogged follicles, thus it is critical to keep the scalp clean, clear, and nourished with antioxidants and antibacterial substances.

The first step toward fuller hair is choosing the correct shampoo and conditioner. Shampoos should be gentle on the scalp and have moisturizing elements like aloe or coconut oil. Conditioners should be made with natural ingredients to increase shine, smoothness, and frizz control. Using the right shampoos and conditioners with natural components have a long-term positive effect on the hair strands. We recommend HPx’s Stimulating Shampoo (6.6 oz / $33.50) and a hydrating conditioner like HPx’s Enriching Conditioner (6.6oz / $33.50) to cleanse the scalp of impurities and instill essential hydration to foster fullness and density.

2. Avoid Over-Styling: Excessive heat styling, frequent chemical hair treatments, and tight hairstyles can damage the hair shaft and lead to hair thinning. Instead, opt for more gentle styling methods, use heat protectants, and give your hair regular breaks from harsh, chemical treatments. If you are coloring your hair, follow advice from your colorist regarding aftercare treatments to protect it from further damage.

3. Regular Scalp Massages: Massaging the scalp stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles, promoting hair growth. Gently massage your scalp for a few minutes every day using your fingertips or a soft bristle brush to boost circulation and nourish the hair roots. This can be done every other day right before bed or in the morning before washing your hair and scalp. Hair Prescriptives Ekakshi Oil Active Hair & Scalp Serum Treatment (6 x 0.33oz / $122.00) excels in this area, as the active Ekakshi Oil Complex helps to restore oxygen and blood flow to the scalp. It is meticulously formulated with a potent blend of natural extracts, oils, and advanced hair-nourishing ingredients. This unique composition works synergistically to provide comprehensive and clinically proven care for both the scalp and hair follicles, fostering optimal growth and enhancing the overall density, thickness, and volume of hair. 

By implementing these tips and using the right products, your hair transformation and hair health will be noticeable in weeks! 

All products are available for purchase on Hair Prescriptives’ official website at Join the thousands of satisfied customers already experiencing remarkable results and start the journey to fuller, healthier hair today.


Hair Prescriptives® (HPx) is a botanically based hair regimen that delivers measurable, clinical results for those experiencing temporary hair loss and thinning hair.  Hair Prescriptives® products incorporate one of the most effective and active hair care botanicals found in nature: Ekakshi Oil. This unique ingredient is extracted from the very rare one-eyed coconut from the Philippines. This botanically active extract invigorates hair follicles with results that are clinically proven to improve hair density, texture and volume.