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Alex Thaddeus: How I Prepare for Wedding Hair

Preparing for the hustle and bustle of a wedding day as a hairdresser isn’t just about hair—it’s about managing stress and ensuring everyone feels confident and at ease. For Alex Thaddeus, this means meticulous planning and a calm, collected demeanour amidst the chaos.

My process begins with thorough consultations. Understanding the bride’s vision is key. I take the time to listen, it’s crucial to grasp their expectations and preferences before the big day.

I prepare by staying updated on styles and techniques, ensuring I have a well-equipped kit, and visualising each hairstyle beforehand. Planning allows me to anticipate any challenges and execute the desired look perfectly.

On the day itself, I become a reassuring presence. Staying calm is contagious and I keep a composed manner to ease any nervousness within the bridal party.

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of clear communication. I make sure to listen and address concerns, offering reassurance and being approachable helps in creating a relaxed atmosphere. Although, I am just there to do hair, there are so many other things going on in the morning of a brides wedding, so I end up playing the role of much more than a hairdresser, which I love. 

Weddings often come with surprises and flexibility is key. I’ve learned to adapt on the spot, whether it’s a change in hairstyle preference or unexpected challenges. Problem-solving without compromising quality is an important skill. Being resourceful and thinking on my feet is essential, ultimately, it’s about ensuring everyone feels confident and beautiful.

As I put the final touches, in reflects on the rewarding nature of the work. There’s a sense of fulfilment in being part of such a significant day, seeing smiles and confidence in the mirror—that’s what makes it all worthwhile. For me, the art of preparing for a wedding day isn’t just about styling hair. It’s about encouraging a sense of ease, creating beautiful hairstyles, and ensuring that everyone feels their best on a day they’ll always remember. Have fun too – sometimes all you need is a day out the salon doing something different!