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Anna & Lana Bring Old Hollywood Glamour to Coachella 2024

Star-stylist Anna Cofone brought Timeless Hollywood Waves to the Coachella stage, the crowning feature of Lana Del Rey’s performance of the ages, with the help of Authentic Beauty Concept

Lana Del Rey’s Final Look at Coachella 2024

Anna Cofone has long been songstress Lana Del Rey’s hair artist – creating her most iconic looks, that have since become synonymous with the star. Lana Del Rey’s legendary performance at Coachella was no different. 

The visually stunning performance was opened with Lana making a grand entrance. By leading a fleet of motorcycles, whilst wrapped in an elegant periwinkle Dolce and Gabbana dress: the star captivated the Coachella crowds in her trademark diametric style.

The crowning element of the starlet’s glamorous look were her stunningly timeless Hollywood waves, styled by Authentic Beauty Concept’s Global Creative Advocate, Anna Cofone. With the hair icon taking inspiration from silver screen stars, she created a look that has firmly placed Lana in the hair history books. 

Anna explained: “The inspiration for this look was the Hollywood icons, Veronica Lake and Lauren Bacall. A timeless look, to feel elegant but updated. We were paying homage to the looks that were Lana’s signature styles when we first started working together in 2011 – delivering Hollywood waves in the desert.”

Anna’s ‘Hollywood waves in the desert’ vibe took form in the unforgettable music video for Lana Del Rey’s top hit ‘Born to Die.’ With the perfect blend of elegance, modernity and drama – the look has gone on to inspire hair trends for the past 13 years. 

To bring this vision back to life at Coachella 2024, Anna used Authentic Beauty Concept products, ensuring the waves remained flawless throughout Lana’s captivating performance. 

Cofone relied on a carefully curated selection of the products to bring the look on to the stage, achieving smooth, hydrated waves with volume and deep side parting. 

SalonEVO has Anna’s exclusive Authentic Beauty Concept cocktail recipe, so YOU can create the look at home…

Anna’s Product Selection

Preparation: Start with a flawless base by applying Authentic Beauty Concept’s Enhancing Water and Flawless Primer. Follow up with Hydrate Spray Conditioner to ensure the hair remains hydrated and luscious.

Styling: Apply Authentic Beauty Concept’s Shaping Cream and Indulging Fluid Oil to provide structure and shine. Blow-dry the hair in small sections using a bristle round brush, alternating between temperature settings to create voluminous curls.

Setting: After blow-drying, set each section of hair with a curling iron and pin-curl to cool. This step ensures long-lasting waves that will hold up throughout the day.

Volume Boost: Once the curls are set, brush them out using a vent brush and apply Authentic Beauty Concept’s Airy Texture Spray to add volume and texture. apply Airy Texture Spray and Nude Powder spray for structure and to create a base to secure pins and grips into.

Finishing Touches: Complete the look by applying Authentic Beauty Concept’s Hair & Hand Light Cream to the ends for a smooth finish. Lock in the waves with Strong Hold Hairspray for a style that lasts.

Anna Creating the Look on the Star, Lana Del Rey

Authentic Beauty Concept’s products proved to be the perfect choice for creating Lana Del Rey’s Coachella look, providing hydration, smoothness, and long-lasting hold. As the desert air swirled around her, Lana’s hair remained flawless, a testament to the performance of Authentic Beauty Concept and Anna Cofone’s artistry.