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Avlon Partners with Enact Equality to Support Hair Equality

Avlon has partnered with Enact Equality to support the launch of a survey that aims to inform new national guidance against Afro hair discrimination in the UK.

Enact Equality works to advance race equality and social justice in the UK. Part of Marcus Rashford’s #endchildfoodpoverty coalition, the organisation is supported by over 100 Black students/alumni from Cambridge University and is backed by a variety of celebrities.

Enact Equality is also the secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Race Equality in Education – which is now one of the largest APPGs in Parliament. The group is made up of politicians across both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, where MPs and Peers spanning different political parties have joined together to advocate for greater equality in education.

Last year, Enact Equality, the APPG and the Halo Collective joined forces to launch a national campaign to tackle Afro hair discrimination in schools, which led to both the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and the Prime Minister’s Office, agreeing to implement new national guidance for education providers across England.

Avlon is partnering with Enact Equality to support the launch of a new national survey that asks diverse audiences to share their experiences of growing up with Afro hair.

Graham Oakes, General Manager for Avlon Europe said: “As a leading Afro haircare brand and Afro hair educator within the industry, Avlon shares Enact Equalities passion for dismantling Afro hair inequality and the importance of celebrating diversity. As such, we are completely invested in supporting the organisation’s latest campaign.

“The lived experiences revealed by this survey will hopefully serve as a strong, informative research that result in real change and new guidance against Afro hair discrimination, particularly in education. We are proud to help promote this campaign and will continue to support Enact Equality in its mission.”

The results from the survey will be shared with both the UK Government and the Equality and Human Rights Commission to inform the two separate pieces of national guidance, with an aim to end Afro hair discrimination in education. This guidance will be shared with schools across England, Scotland and Wales, having a huge effect on children’s day to day lives.

Director for Enact Equality, L’myah Sherae adds: “I’m thankful to all of the brands and organisations who are supporting our campaign, and I am glad to have the opportunity to help both the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and the UK Government, draft this guidance. Ensuring that schools are safe and supportive environments for children must be the core priority here. We want to ensure that no child is ever sent home from school for wearing their hair naturally, or in a protective style, again.”

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