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AW22 Trend To Note: Platinum Blonde

Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid, and leading influencers such Emma Chamberlain have all taken the plunge and gone platinum blonde this Summer.

That can only mean one thing – bleach, bleach and more bleach is on the agenda for AW22.

Gone are the days where a full scalp bleach means completely trashing your hair’s health. It’s no longer a case of choosing between the colour you want or your hair’s integrity.

Thanks to INNOluxe you can have both!

Kim Kardashian

Pro tip – Top colourists are using INNOluxe V3 as a standalone treatment to ready the hair for bleaching, by keeping the hair even healthier it’s in optimum condition when they’re ready to add bleach.

By adding INNOluxe V3 to the bleaching service itself, the unique Aminobond Technology can get to work ensuring that your hair comes out the other side healthy, strong, shiny and platinum blonde.

Of course we know that achieving that bright, white, platinum blonde in-salon is only half the battle.

Gigi Hadid

Maintaining the tone you love at home is what some stylist would argue as ‘the hard bit’. INNOluxe’s Global Ambassador, Sophia Hilton, recently took the plunge and went platinum from yellow. She’s a huge fan of INNOluxe’s PLATINUM range, she says:

“I literally didn’t even tone my hair when I went blonde. I only used INNOluxe’s PLATINUM range. And as someone who spent seven years being yellow, that was really impressive.”

Stylists and clients alike will struggle to keep those yellow and brassy tones at bay, but by using simple colour theory it’s easy to explain why INNOluxe’s PLATINUM Range works so well.

To battle yellow tones you need purple, and to banish orange tones, you’ll need something blue.

Emma Chamberlain

Unfortunately many purple and blue hair care ranges are extremely drying, Sophia says:

“I was so sick of recommending purple shampoo to my clients and knowing that it wouldn’t take care of their hair. The INNOluxe PLATINUM range is the first time that I’ve been confident that I can keep my clients’ hair in good condition while also keeping the tone.”

So there you have it.

If you’re thinking about going platinum blonde this AW22, invest in the run up with INNOluxe’s V3 stand alone treatment, make sure it’s in the bleach for the service itself, and then opt for the all important aftercare; the PLATINUM range.

Deposit that colour in and love your tone, all whilst enjoying nourished, healthy, hydrated hair!

In 2022 you can absolutely have it all.