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Booksy Closes Out 2022 with New App Updates that Help Beauty Professional Run their Business with Even Greater Ease

The new year is around the corner and Booksy, the leader in booking and business technology for the beauty industry, is wrapping up 2022 with impressive new updates to the Booksy app. These latest updates will help beauty professionals boss up, and run their businesses with even greater ease and convenience in 2023. 

These updates include: 

  • See What’s Happening Today: Booksy has relocated the “Today” button on the main calendar view so that business owners can get back to their schedules even quicker.
  • More Options for Staff Members: Two new checkboxes have been added to Staff Member settings. This allows business owners to decide which Staff Members show up on the team calendar, and which ones are available to be booked online.  
  • Easily Assign Commissions: Booksy has introduced a pop-up which will remind your team to assign the right Staff Member at checkout. This helps everyone get paid, the right way. 
  • Change Languages On The Fly: Booksy has multiple language options including Spanish, French, Vietnamese, and many more. Now you can easily switch between these languages at any time. On web look for it in the top left corner, and on mobile you’ll find it in Settings. 
  • Breeze Through Checkout: New callouts on Booksy will let you know if your client has a card on file, and if they have autopay enabled. This helps you complete the checkout process even faster. 
  • Easy Search “A-Z” Client List: Now on mobile you can tap, hold, and drag to find any client in your alphabetical list. No more fumbling with the keyboard in between appointments. 
  • Free Next-Day Payouts: Booksy Card Reader users now get money in the bank even sooner, thanks to “Free Next Business Day Payouts”. Need it even faster? Choose “Instant Payouts” and get paid within 30 minutes for a small 1% fee. 

With Booksy’s innovative updates, beauty pros can start their new year off right. These convenient changes help professionals spend less time on admin tasks and more time doing what they love in 2023!

Download the Booksy Biz mobile app for free or visit to learn more.


Booksy is a cloud-based appointment booking solution for hairstylists, colorists, barbers, nail artists, estheticians, massage therapists, salons, barbershops, spas and more. It offers appointment scheduling, calendar management, online payments, and a suite of marketing management functionalities. Android and iPhone apps supported. Booksy features two mobile applications: Booksy Biz for businesses and Booksy Lite geared more for independent professional plus a Booksy app for clients.