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Bridal Styles are Back – Higher and Textured

(New York, NY) – This spring, Caralee Pridemore, Sam Villa Ambassador and Founder of Sweetly Pinned @caraleestyles, believes trends will take a turn towards glam ‘90’s.  Bridal looks will be all about huge blow outs with lots of body, layers and face framing volume.  Think of the female leads on sitcoms who had that super silky bouncy hair that everyone dreamed of. 

“The past few years in bridal hair have been a mix of boho and braids with the trending textured low buns. Now we will start to see a wave of higher hair that’s loosely swept back, almost as if only a claw clip is holding it up, with bouncy curls and curtain bangs,” explains Pridemore.  

How To: Textured Updo for 2022 

  1. Apply Redken Iron Shape 11 and starting from the middle of the head work up to the crown, compressing hair about 4” off the scalp with a Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron
  2. Section the entire head and curl with a Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand 1” in alternating directions.  
  3. Use a tail comb to soften curls or a paddle brush to add polish and shine. 
  4. Backcomb hair with a tail comb at the crown to build a lot of volume.  Using a volume powder such as Sexy Hair Big Powder Play Lite on the root can add even more. 
  5. Create a loop with a hair tie to form a bun shape, and then create a second loop below the first. The goal is to create two vertical loops one on top of the other and intertwine the loops together to create one big bun. 
  6. Take the remaining hair and create texture and movement around the bun by detailing with a tail comb and fingers.  Option: Add an adhesive lining of pearls (craft stores carry them), for added polish. 
  7. Curl remaining pieces around the hairline with a Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron

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