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Discover IGORA ZERO AMM From Schwarzkopf Professional

Discover IGORA ZERO AMM from Schwarzkopf Professional – Permanent Colouration Free from Ammonia and Ammonia Odour, for Zero Compromise

Developed by professionals, for professionals the NEW IGORA ZERO AMM colour line is an ammonia-free range with the known reliability of the renowned IGORA colour portfolio.

Schwarzkopf Professional is a hairdresser’s partner in craft, offering the tools and 360° support to enable every hairdresser to reach their full potential. Part of this is delivering products with 100% performance – which is why the brands leading colour brand, IGORA ROYAL, has been trusted for over 60 years. With this in mind, it made sense to offer all key colouration options under one brand umbrella – IGORA – with permanent, semi & demi-permanent, and now ammonia-free permanent colouration options all available, thanks to the addition of new IGORA ZERO AMM.


IGORA ZERO AMM is a permanent colouration line, free from ammonia and ammonia odour, for a pleasant experience and natural-looking colour results. It’s formulated with Phytolipid Technology, vegan ingredients and wrapped in sustainable packaging.

Schwarzkopf Pro UK Ambassador and salon owner, Siobhan Haug, says ““Igora Zero Amm is a simple solution to one of the most frequently asked colour questions we get from our clients, is my hair colour ammonia free? It’s packed full of nourishing ingredients like grape seed and apricot kernel oil which feed the hair whilst giving true to tone, natural looking results. For salons taking on Igora Zero Amm, the added bonus is that there’s no need for a separate developer as the Igora oxidants are already ammonia free!”

IGORA ZERO AMM – Range Benefits
Ingredient conscious salon clients are looking for ammonia-free hair colour options, without odour –  IGORA ZERO AMM offers a pleasant and odour free salon service experience without ammonia, providing:

  • A competitive assortment of 46 shades – ranging from comforting honey to vibrant red – without the need of a dedicated Developer.
  • Formulated with Phytolipid Technology; a blend of natural micronised oils and optimised pigment mixes for maximised colour experience.
  • Improved colour direction, lift, neutralisation and coverage* for natural-looking, true-to-tone colour results.
  • 100% ammonia-free dual application possibilities with IGORA VIBRANCE
  • Wrapped in sustainable packaging (100% 
    recycled aluminium tube, 100% recycled plastic cap and min. 92% recycled paper folding box).

IGORA ZERO AMM – Zero Ammonia for improved Colour Results
IGORA ZERO AMM offers the known reliable performance as the rest of the IGORA family, minus the ammonia:

  • Natural-looking, true-to-tone results with up to 100% white hair coverage.
  • Improved colour direction, coverage and neutralisation*
  • Up to 3 levels of lift (10-series) and improved highlift colour performance.

IGORA ZERO AMM – Zero Compromise with Trusted Technology

The formulation with Phytolipid Technology, contains a blend of natural micronised oils and optimised pigment mixes, for equal pigment penetration from root-to-tip:

  • The micronised oils, consisting of Grape Seed Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil, help to improve the colour performance, for long-lasting true-to-tone colour results
  • Infused with Omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids, the oils envelop the hair, supporting the moisture balance inside for optimal care performance

IGORA ZERO AMM – Key Looks & Salon Services
A key look this season, showcased in the Essential Looks 2:2023 collection INTENTION NOW trend,  is Muted Bronze. For this trending colour, IGORA ZERO AMM is applied globally to regrowth areas before three different tones are layered through the ends, creating a shimmer-like effect.

IGORA ZERO AMM Shades:  6-0 + 6-46 (1:2), 6-46 + 8-46 (1:2).

“This technique is super versatile; switching up the palette can really 
change the outcome. Go for complementary tones for a natural feel, 
or contrasting tones for impact.”

– Lesley Jennison, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador  

Additional IGORA ZERO AMM salon services include: 

Highlift & Refresh 
Utilising the dual application method, this salon service blends IGORA ZERO AMM shades to reliably highlift and neutralise in one application – resulting in a beautifully refreshed blonde look, that offers natural-looking, true to tone results.

Cool Balayage
A classic, cool balayage look crafted with the use of IGORA VARIO BLOND lightening products, followed by toning with IGORA ZERO AMM. Thanks to expert neutralisation, the lifted sections effortlessly blend with the rest of the hair, resulting in a cool, on-trend finish with face-framing impact.

White Hair Coverage
Perfect for more mature salon clients, or those with white hair that wish to have a more blended look, this salon service makes the most out of the IGORA ZERO AMM reliable performance to cover up to 100% white hair.

IGORA ZERO AMM Online & Digital:
Taking a service-centred approach, Schwarzkopf Professional enables hairdressers to go beyond ordinary product use with ready-made education materials to help teach the ‘total look’, as seen on key IGORA ZERO AMM models. A special Visionary Seminar from the Schwarzkopf Professional ASK Education team is also available; it’s the ideal way for hairdressers to be inspired by trending colour creations, powered by IGORA ZERO AMM, as they learn from some of the very best Hair Artists in the industry. 

Alongside the new looks and salon services, IGORA ZERO AMM is also a key colour brand used within Schwarzkopf Professional’s Essential Looks Collection for autumn/winter 2023 – INTENTION NOW Trend. All product, trend and educational information can be found on the Schwarzkopf Professional website:

To keep up with IGORA ZERO AMM and the very latest in hair trends, follow @SchwarzkopfProUK on social media along with the #ZEROAMM and #schwarzkopfpro hashtags.

The IGORA ZERO AMM assortment will be available from September 2023.