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Embrace the Autumn Vibes with a Copper Transformation

As the leaves turn from fresh greens to warm hues of orange and copper, it’s time for your hair to follow the change! Autumn brings with it a captivating palette of colours, and what better way to join the seasonal transformation than with a bold and vibrant hair transformation? Enter the stunning copper hair transformation, which is sure to turn heads.

Step 1: Lift the Darkness with Formula 1

The key to a successful copper transformation is to ensure a clean canvas. I started by using JOICO Blonde Life Lightening Powder with 20 Volume LumiShine Developer. This powerful duo gently lifts the super dark brown hair to a perfect base, allowing the copper tones to shine through brilliantly. The Blonde Life Lightening Powder is designed to preserve the hair’s condition while achieving beautiful lift and clarity. With this step, you set the stage for the vibrant copper to come alive.

Step 2: Infuse Radiant Copper Tones with Formula 2

Now that the ideal canvas has been created, it’s time to introduce the captivating copper hues. I mixed JOICO LumiShine Permanent Crème Color 7CC with 8NG, then combined this with the 20 Volume LumiShine Developer. This blend will provide the perfect balance of warmth and vibrancy, creating an extraordinary orange copper shade that’s perfect for the autumn season. Your clients will love the way their hair shines and catches the light, making them stand out from the crowd with a captivating glow.

Step 3: Add a Splash of Personality with Formula 3

To truly make this transformation unique and personalised, I unleashed my creativity with Formula 3 by combining JOICO Colour Intensity Pink, Yellow, and Red. You have the freedom to customise the final copper hue, tailoring it to your client’s individual style and preferences. This step adds depth and dimension to the copper base, making it a true work of art. Remember, it’s the little details that can make a bold statement and leave your clients in love with their new look.

Who’s daring enough? 

As a hairdresser, it’s your time to shine and showcase your expertise in creating beautiful transformations. This stunning copper hair look is perfect for clients who want to embrace the autumnal season while expressing their individuality. Whether they’re attending an autumn wedding, or simply stepping out for a cosy day at the coffee shop, this vibrant copper transformation will turn heads. Your clients will leave your salon feeling confident with their new look.