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FASTFOILS, Leading Innovators in Hair Styling, Set to Dazzle the UK with Exclusive Meet-and-Greet Event

FASTFOILS, a pioneering force in the hairstyling industry, is making waves across the pond as they bring their innovative products and expertise to the United Kingdom. Founder Ben Barkworth and Director of Education, J Ladner, will host an exclusive meet-and-greet event at the iconic Electric Space in London on September 14, where they will dazzle attendees, including media and celebrity stylists, with a live demonstration and networking opportunity.

FASTFOILS has long been celebrated for disrupting the hair industry with high-performance foils, top-tier education on efficient patterns and placements foil installation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. This inaugural UK event marks a significant milestone in FASTFOILS’ with the expansion in Europe with a launch in Italy.

The exclusive event will take place at the renowned Electric Space in London, where attendees will have the unique opportunity to:

Meet the Visionaries: Founder Ben Barkworth and Director of Education, J Ladner, will be present to share their insights, experiences, and the journey behind FASTFOILS. Attendees will have the chance to engage in an intimate conversation with these industry luminaries.

Live Demonstration: J Ladner, a globally recognized hairstyling expert, will take the stage to showcase the versatility and innovation of FASTFOILS’ products. This live demonstration promises to be an educational and inspiring experience for all attendees.

Networking with Industry Peers: The event will provide a prime networking platform for hairstylists, beauty professionals, media representatives, and celebrity stylists to connect, share ideas, and build valuable relationships within the industry. Among the esteemed guests attending the event are celebrity stylists.

“We are thrilled to introduce FASTFOILS to the United Kingdom and celebrate this milestone with hairstylists, professionals, and influencers in the industry,” said Ben Barkworth, Founder of FASTFOILS. “Our commitment to innovation, education, and excellence has driven us to this point, and we are excited to share our vision with the UK’s vibrant hairstyling community.”

FASTFOILS has gained global recognition for disrupting the industry with its innovative high-performance foils, enabling hairstylists to work more efficiently to free up time and generate more revenue. This event in London is a testament to their dedication to providing professionals with the tools and knowledge to excel in their craft.

Private demo in Electric Space London, UK followed by meet-and-greet with FASTFOILS Founder and Director of Education. Left to right: Ben Barkworth, Founder; Tamás Megyeri, Director at Tezis Education UK; Catapano Gianmarco, International Educator at Tezis Education UK; J Ladner, Director of Education at FASTFOILS.

For more information about the exclusive meet-and-greet event, please visit FASTFOILS’ website or contact, please contact:

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