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Fellowship for British Hairdressing Luncheon and Hair Awards 2023

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing celebrated a momentous 2023 with their annual Luncheon and Hair Awards, held at The Londoner – the biggest and best independent networking and awards event in the industry.

2023 was a monumental year for the Fellowship, who celebrated their highest membership to date, a growing Executive Board, regional Centres of Excellence and the largest educational opportunities for their members. It was a time to celebrate the last 12 months and look forward to another fantastic year. The Luncheon was once again a chance to bring together over 400 industry guests from all over the UK, to unite and celebrate the achievements and growth throughout hairdressing.

Welcoming the crowd, Fellowship President Robert Eaton, thanked the audience for their support over the last year and shared an insight into what has been happening within the Fellowship, behind the scenes and as the team gradually move further into the North – a goal set by the President himself. Rob was then joined by CEO Barry Stephens who discussed the progress through the opportunities presented by the Fellowship and thanked the loyal sponsors, brand partners and members for uniting in creativity.

Alongside Chancellor Karoliina Saunders and Executive Board Members Michelle Griffin, Colin McAndrew, Simon Shaw, Andrew Barton, and Ashleigh Hodges as well as special guest presenters, the Executive Board each shared their own vision and goals for the Fellowship, including giving the audience more information on their own journey and goals within the industry.

With the anticipation building the 2024 winners announcement began, with a host of fabulous names being awarded this year’s titles and trophies. As the awards were handed out, a very poignant award remained – something special for a man whose career has spanned six decades, and his commitment to the hairdressing industry unmatched. With a room filled with many of those who have come through his creative ranks, including Angelo Seminara Antoinette Beenders, Euguene Souleiman, Keith Harris, Sally Brooks, the Fellowship Lifetime Achievement Awards was presented to Trevor Sorbie, MBE. 

Sassoon Scholarship – James Kendell

Hairdotcom Scholarship – Naomi Brooks, The Hair Sanctuary

Trevor Sorbie Creative Scholarship – Erin Marley, Rein & Co

Member of the Year – Darrel Starkey

Fellow with Honours – Ashley Gamble, Emma Simmons, Marlene Lamont, Marnie Williams and Sharon Malcom

Fellow with Distinction – Junior Green Keith Harris Darren Messias

Gold Medal – Ken Picton

Presidents Award – The Lions Barber Collective 

Clubstar Art Team – Olivia-Rose Brady

Project Afro – Hannah Marcia Larden

Project Colour – Allie Harknett

Project Extend – Marlene Lamont

Project Men – Kyle Dodson

Project  Sassoon – Justine Weir

Snapshot Image of the Year – Sam Burnett, Hare & Bone

Men’s Image of the Year – Dom Capel, Lara Johnson Lifestyle

Colour Image of the Year – Angelo Seminara

Afro Image of the Year – Lisa Farrall, Wig London

International Image Award – Danny Pato, D&M Hair Design

Image of the Year – Angelo Seminara

Individual Salon of the Year – Brooks & Brooks

Salon Group of the Year – Goldsworthy’s

Session Stylist of the Year – Luke Benson

Educator of the Year – Lisa Farrall, Wig London

Hall of F.A.M.E. Award – Antoinette Beenders

2024 F.A.M.E. Team 
Elle Foreman, Tribe Salons
Harry Andreou, Ventura Hair
Ilaria Bellemo, Toni & Guy
Stephen Campbell, Hair & Co

The Trevor Sorbie Award for Creative and Commercial Innovation– Roman Sys, Brooks & Brooks

Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year – Tracey Ann Smith, French & Ivi

Fellowship Lifetime Achievement Award – Trevor Sorbie MBE