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Fellowship Mentors pass on Afro hair knowledge

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Afro Hair Workshop saw three mentors passing on their knowledge, tips and skills to stylists from across the UK.

Students at the Wella Hair Academy working at a Fellowship Workshop for Afro hair

Stylists attending the workshop at the Wella Studio in London, spent an evening with mentors Design Essentials International Artistic Director Stephen Debellotte, Avlon UK European Education Director Jacqui McIntosh and Emma Simmons from Salon 54, winner of the Fellowship Afro Image of the Year.

Working on mannequins and real hair, the experts demonstrated techniques before the students had a go, ranging from braiding to sectioning panels to cutting textured and curly hair.

Expert Emma Simmons said: “It was a really relaxed class with everyone sharing and learning from each other. It was great to see so many people go away feeling much more confident with all textures of hair. Afterall, hair is just a material and we should all be confident to work with every fabric.”

Jacqui McIntosh added: “For me as a hairdresser experienced in all hair types, it was lovely to see the next generation of hairstylists along with experienced hairstylists wanting to learn the varied aspects of Afro hairdressing. Myself and my fellow mentors were able to support the group with practical knowledge and understanding of the skills required for their desired outcomes, and I believe that the candidates left fulfilled with their new experiences from the evening.

Students at the Wella Hair Academy working at a Fellowship Workshop for Afro hair

Photo credit: Mauro Carraro

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