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Goldwell Collaborates With New Netflix Series – Berlin

Since its premier dropped on Netflix, Berlin – The Money Heist spin off – has already proven to be a huge success Worldwide. And for this super-slick off-shoot series, leading professional haircare brand, Goldwell, worked with head stylist Isabel Auernheimer, to create some of the leading characters’ iconic hair looks.

Starring Pedro Alonso, who returns as charming larcenist, Berlin, the new series is a look-back at a previously unseen chapter in Berlin’s life. Set in Paris, Berlin and his new crew of career criminals – Keila (Michelle Jenner), Cameron (Begoña Vargas), Roi (Julio Peña) and Bruce (Joel Sánchez) – set their sights on one of the City’s most prestigious auction houses.

Isabel Auernheimer, head hair stylist on the series, shares her experience in maintaining Keila and Damian’s dazzling blonde tones throughout filming:

“We relied on the powerful Goldwell Light Dimensions bleach line to achieve Keila’s and Damian’s blonde looks. As for at-home maintenance, we went with the amazing Dual senses Color routine to keep the color in perfect condition throughout the shoot while improving the overall health of their hair.”

For Alonso’s character, Berlin, Isabel and her team achieved an impeccable style while preserving his naturalshade, while the Dualsenses BondPro range provided the perfect prep for styling, instant care, structure and resilience against day-to-day stressors during filming.

For Itziar Ituño Martínez’s character, Inspector Murillo (Lisbon), Goldwell Elumen was applied in tonal warm shades, illuminating the face; adding volume and body to her hair; and repairing the hair fibre.

Hair: Isabel Auernheimer, head hair stylist
Berlin: Netflix