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Haug London Haus Celebrates One Year

Haug London Haus Celebrates One Year Of Exceptional Hairdressing In The Heart Of Fitzrovia

Haug London Haus, the home of award-winning stylists and colour experts Philipp and Siobhan Haug, proudly marks its first anniversary of delivering exceptional hairdressing services to the heart of London’s Fitzrovia district. Established by two industry superstars with over two decades of experience, Haug London Haus has become synonymous with premium hair care, creativity, and a passion for the art of hairstyling.

A Year of Artistry, Passion, and Celebration

In the bustling heart of Rathbone Street, Haug London Haus stands as a testament to Philipp and Siobhan Haug’s commitment to their clients and the craft of hairdressing. The salon, designed by renowned London-based interior design specialist Erik Munro, emanates a warm and relaxed vibe, offering a haven for those seeking exceptional haircare services in a stylish, homely environment.

Their First Year in Numbers

As Haug London Haus celebrates its first birthday, the salon reflects on a year filled with achievements, memorable moments, and, of course, impeccable hair transformations.

Here’s a glimpse of their journey in numbers:

Bottles of Prosecco: 90
Tubes of Hair Colour: 1200 (All Recycled!)
Times Philipp has mentioned Air Whip: Too many to count… we’re starting to think he has shares in it!
In Salon Events: 12
Fashion & TV Events: 7
Education Days: 56
Team Drinks: 13 (Not including Philipp and Julian’s cheeky pints after work)
Cans of Hairspray: 147

“From the clinking of Prosecco glasses to the whir of hairdryers, Haug London Haus has been a hub of creativity, passion, and community over the past year. Our team’s dedication to excellence, coupled with the support of our wonderful clients, has made this journey truly remarkable,” says Siobhan Haug.

Looking Ahead:

As Haug London Haus steps into its second year, the salon remains committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity, setting new trends, and providing an unparalleled experience for their clients. With an impressive track record of events, education days, and a commitment to sustainability (reflected in their recycling of all hair colour tubes), Haug London Haus is poised to continue making waves in the hairdressing industry.

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