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Hydration Conditioners 3 ways

Hydration Conditioners 3 ways by Jay Birmingham

One of the most essential aspects of winter hair care is combatting the effects of cold, dry air. In this feature I’ll share my advice on using conditioner three ways; conditioner, as a masque and as a leave in. The aim is to keep your hair moisturised, shiny, and damage-free during the chilly winter months.

Conditioner in its simplest form

I’m sure all of you know how to use conditioner in the shower but my tips for conditioning in its simplest form, is to avoid the scalp and focus from mid length to ends. It’s also important to note not to use too much product as this will do the opposite of what you want and dry the hair our rather than hydrate. 

It’s important to use a good hydrating conditioner that will help your hair in the cold months. I brought out my own hydrating shampoo and conditioner duo earlier in the year as I’ve never found one that really works for me until my one. Jay B Haircare really focuses on hydration and keeps hair hydrated all year round. 

Using conditioner as a masque 

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, you could use conditioner as a masque form.

  • The Masque Method: After shampooing, generously apply conditioner to your hair, focusing on ends and problem areas.
  • Timing is Key: Leave the conditioner on for 10-15 minutes or longer for an intensive treatment.
  • Add Warmth: Use a warm towel or shower cap to create heat, aiding conditioner absorption.
  • Rinse and Shine: Rinse with lukewarm water, followed by a cool rinse for added shine.

Leave in Conditioner 

And for those days when your hair is needing that TLC, I suggest leaving your conditioner in. Wait till you’re out the shower and towel dry it. Spread some conditioner through the ends for your hair and brush it through with your fingers or a comb. Then style your hair as usual. This will help give your hair that extra love it needs.  

So, there’s my top tips for using conditioner three ways to keep your hair in shape this winter. Love Jay x