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In (or near) the chair… with Jonathan Andrew and Pete Wicks

There is some much-needed light relief to be had with Fudge Professional’s second social media miniseries called ‘In Near the Chair’. The YouTube show is hosted by Fudge Professional Global Brand Ambassador, Jonathan Andrews, and the series was created to explore the relationship between a hairdresser and their client.

“Our first episode with Jamie Laing was a great success and when we launched it at the beginning of lockdown, it went down really well. This episode is continuing the theme about the hairdresser and client relationship and once you sit down in that chair, all caution is out the window, and you end up spilling all your secrets, hopes, fears and dreams to the stylist through the mirror in front of you. This time, I’m cutting the hair of TOWIE legend, Pete Wicks and once again, creating excellent TV watching,” explains Jonathan. 

The Fudge Professional series of ‘In the Chair’ is all about putting famous faces in the hot seat and asking the questions the public wants to know the answers to – this time Pete Wicks is the man in the chair. “Pete is renowned for his long hair. He hadn’t had it cut for 10 months and it wasn’t really his crowning glory anymore. It was definitely time to tackle it with the scissors,” continues Jonathan. 

Creating that tousled look that Pete wears so well takes a little bit of work using the right products to create the natural style that he loves. This was the perfect time for Jonathan to explain to Pete exactly how to use Fudge Professional products in the right way to keep his hair in great condition and sitting exactly how he likes it both during the day and into the evening. 

The 20-minute filmed interview was shot in Covid secure conditions that meant not only did the guys don full PPE (Pete was not chuffed with the hazmat suit), but Pete was encouraged to style his own hair using Fudge Professional products. The interview is brilliant viewing with lots of focus on Pete’s serial dating love life, a nod to his new knee-high cowboy boots, his number one fan (spoiler alert… it’s his Mum) how his long hair was a fingers up to those telling him his hair was receding, and that social media haters don’t phase him one bit. 

As part of the new ‘Fudge the Rules’ brand ethos, where whatever the world does, Fudge does differently, Pete certainly steps up to the plate with his chequered past and workaholic mindset. “Pete was so easy to chat to, and it was great he was up for a real hair change. I took off six inches and it took him back to his early days on TOWIE, even he admitted the health and feel of his hair was so much better. He dubbed it Preppy Pete! Due to social distancing and filming, plus Pete’s admittance he has no clue how to style his hair, I decided to get Pete to do his own styling, so he knew how to do it at home. We worked with his favourite Fudge Professional Salt Spray and I also introduced him to the new Fudge Professional Matte Hed Mouldable to work with his natural curls and texture,” says Jonathan. 

The last word went to Pete in the video: “I’ll be honest, when I came in this morning, I wasn’t feeling too chirpy. I didn’t really trust you (Jonathan) and then you put me in a hazmat suit! It was all looking like a car crash.  I’m now sitting here, and I’ve got the perfect hair, using the perfect product, with the perfect hairdresser.” You can’t ask for more than that.

Click the link below to watch the series: