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INDOLA Take on London Fashion Week

Show #1 – Labrum, Johanna Cree Brown

Looking at the collection, Johanna was drawn to the loops, circles, spaces, and the seed design on some of the garments. As with the Labrum Brand, the designs are so unique, so each model would have their own bespoke look for the show meaning Johanna and team were able to create on the spot something beautiful and unique.

The INDOLA Curl Cream was used on the shorter hair looks to hydrate, elevating the hair for amore luxurious finish. The Strong Setting Mousse was used to prep and seal all the braided looks which gave the hair some support as they were shaped into the hair sculptures. The Texture Rough Up was used on the edges of the hair to define and add a slight gloss and then the Glamorous Oil gave the looks that polished finish. By rubbing the oil into the hands and then onto the hair, it tamed any flyaways and gave that soft and luxurious finish.

Show #2 – 8ON8, Johanna Cree Brown

The hair inspiration for the 8ON8 show was a wet-look, the models were to look like they had been running through the forest in the rain.

To create the 8ON8 look, the front and hair line sides we left out. Then using a generous amount of the INDOLA Strong Mousse and Strong Lacquer, work the hair back off the face and behind the ear, securing with crease free clips and barber paper behind ears. Using the Gel Spray and Texture Glue around the face, paste into the hair creating wild wavy textured pieces of hair that are glued flat to face as if wind and rain had stuck it there. For any textured or curly hair, scrunch through the ends plenty of the Strong Mousse to shape and add texture for a wild style.

Johanna said: “The energy in the air for this season’s LFW was electrifying, full of positivity, ideas, dynamic shows, and trends. I had the absolute pleasure working with an incredible team of talented hairstylists and being able to work with confidence using Indola’s wide range of hair styling products that are guaranteed to deliver the hold, look, texture or finish needed.”