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Introducing HairCon 2024: A world of Hair Innovation, Inspiration and Connection

Brace yourselves, as the hair industry is set to witness a revolution. HairCon takes centre stage in Manchester from June 22 to June 24 2024, presented by an epic collaboration of industry titans including the Fellowship for British Hairdressers, Great Lengths, yuv ®, Design Essentials, Phorest, and DENSE. HairCon is destined to be a hair event like no other.  

Taking place in the iconic O2 Victoria Warehouse in Manchester (which, for the last decade has welcomed some of the biggest music artists in the world), HairCon promises to be an unforgettable experience with a mind-blowing lineup of artists, including iconic stylists like Adam Reed and Sally & Jamie Brooks, along with the legendary barber heroes Alan Beak and Cal Newsome to name but a few. Prepare for your perceptions of both the industry and your business to be completely transformed by a spectacular lineup of global icons and immersive stage sessions which will in equal parts inspire and revitalise your passion. 

“Anticipate extraordinary showcases by leading brands and stylists, grand spectacles, captivating educational experiences, and unforgettable entertainment. The Style Challenge, which catapulted numerous hairdressers to fame in the past, is making a triumphant return for the next generation.” – Jane Galpin, Event Director – HairCon

This inaugural event is a real collision of artistry aimed at igniting genuine connections within the hair industry. For hair professionals from across the globe, it’s time to get ready for a game-changing experience where you can immerse yourselves in a world of creativity, inspiration, and innovation. Whether you’re a salon, home salon or barbershop owner, a stylist and apprentice or a colourist (and everyone in between), you can expect HairCon to offer you the opportunity to challenge the equilibrium. Our vision is crystal clear: together, we’re shaping the future of the hair industry.

“The Fellowship is very much looking forward to Haircon. It’s new, fresh and exciting and hairdressers at all stages in their careers will be inspired and motivated by their visit to Haircon.  The Fellowship will have their own area where we will be hosting a wide variety of activity including showcasing emerging talent along with many of the most recognised names in the industry.  On the main stage we will be the partner for Style Challenge which will be fast paced and exciting to take part in and watch. Haircon is live hairdressing, networking and creativity at its best.” – Robert Eaton, President – The Fellowship of British Hairdressing

At HairCon, the world of hair comes alive in a dynamic and immersive experience – by day attendees will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge brands, to a glimpse the freshest trends and techniques that are shaping the hairstyling world and to discover the best-kept business secrets from industry leaders and influencers. As the sun sets, HairCon transforms into an explosion of entertainment and electricity, with the help of live bands, DJs and stage takeovers from international hair crews. All of this studded with the very best brands showcasing their incredible talent and innovation.

The very best hair stylists and barbers will thrive at HairCon, where they can watch ground-breaking showcases, engage with industry legends, and stay at the forefront of innovation. For the new generation of hairdressers, HairCon is a must. It provides emerging talent with the chance to learn from their favourite influencers and industry legends, to showcase their skills on a global stage, and to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and inspiration.

 “We’ve engaged in extensive conversations with industry experts, including brands, stylists, and salon owners, leading us to introduce HairCon as a revolutionary departure from traditional trade events. By closely heeding the needs of the sector, we have boldly redefined the conventions of industry gatherings. HairCon represents a groundbreaking evolution in the realm of trade shows.” – Michael Dynan, Event Director – HairCon.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for an injection of passion, a salon owner with big dreams, or a fresh face in the hairstyling world looking to ignite your career, HairCon is the answer.

Join us at HairCon 2024 for the best in global artistry and connection. Be inspired, get connected and join us in leading the way into the future of the industry. 

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