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JCPenney Launches Curl Cult, the First Ever Vegan, Protein Permanent Texture Service, in Select JCPenney Salon Locations

Curl Cult®, the first ever vegan, protein permanent texture service and hair texture line, has launched in select JCPenney Salon locations. Curl Cult, which launched in 2021, has created a new healthier, safer texture service option for both customers and hairstylists with its first-to-market Pisum-Protex™ technology. Curl Cult will be available in the Jacksonville, FL, Raleigh, NC and Baltimore, MD markets.

“Services to create permanent texture haven’t evolved much since the 1980s so I decided it was time to do something about it. I spent seven years working with a chemist in Italy on a technology to invent a texture service so that everyone can have great wash and go curls and texture,” said Janine Jarman, founder of Curl Cult. “I’m thrilled to be working with JCPenney to offer this revolutionary vegan, protein texture service that leaves hair shiny and healthy with less mess, less stink and steps of texture services from the past.”

“We are thrilled to offer the Curl Cult permanent texture service to our customers, giving them the flexibility to add more subtle waves and curls, or enhance and reform their existing curls,” said Jo Osborne, Senior Executive GMM Beauty, JCPenney. “Our JCPenney hair stylists will be at the forefront of this new technology, which will forever change the way texture services have been done.” 

The Curl Cult perm strengthens and shapes hair from the inside out with the brand’s industry exclusive and first-to-market Pisum-Protex technology. The solution infuses pea protein deep into the hair shaft, which allows the stylist to create any hair texture, from beach waves to tight curls, while getting consistent, shinier and softer results every time. Better yet, it is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and sulfate surfactant-free.

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Curl Cult® was founded by Janine Jarman, celebrity stylist and owner of Hairroin Salon, who created the first ever, industry-changing vegan, protein texture service. This texture line was brewed in Italy and conjured in Los Angeles where Janine worked tirelessly to create a technology that would revolutionize the hair industry. Curl Cult is a pro-to-pro line that provides a no frills, less stink, neutralize right-on-top permanent texture service that delivers freeform texture that grows out with the client. A protein-rich process that infuses hair with health, using exclusive Pisum-Protex™ technology.