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K18 Hair – where biotech meets haircare

The science is complex, so your haircare doesn’t have to be!

K18 Hair has been designed for those who want to follow the latest trends and change their hair like they change their clothes.

For years, traditional cosmetic chemistry was the hair industry’s answer to treating hair damage, however this was a band-aid solution attempting to cover up the problem instead of correcting it. After spending a decade in the lab, scanning and testing all amino acid sequences, innovators K18 Hair discovered one unique sequence; a bioactive peptide, that brings damaged hair back to its original, youthful state. Loved by stylists, world-renowned hair colourists and celebrities, such as Montana Brown, Olivia Bowen and Laura Anderson, K18 Hair has quickly become a hair care staple for professional and at-home use.

This is the K18Peptide™

K18Peptide™ is the patented molecular breakthrough clinically proven to reverse hair damage from bleach and colour, harmful chemical and heat, in just four minutes. The K18 Hair range was created for everyone, including all hair types and textures, all generations and most importantly all types of expression. With a vegan and cruelty-free formula, K18 Hair products help liberate stylists, colourists, and hair expressors from the constraints of modern haircare, by empowering them with the science to unlock a fearlessness in self-expression that isn’t possible without damage.

How does K18 Work?
K18 has made the impossible, possible. With their incredible biotechnology, K18 renews hair from the inside out to heal damage by repairing broken polypeptide chains (keratin chains), restoring strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce. This is a lasting solution that leaves hair looking radiant and feeling like new, highlighting that damage does not have to be permanent

Introducing the At-Home K18 Molecular Repair Treatment Mask, RRP: £55 (50ml), £9 (5ml)

The K18 Molecular Repair Treatment mask heals and strengthens hair with lightweight moisturising benefits to detangle and keep hair smooth and soft, without weighing it down.

Available in two sizes, the K18 at-home treatment helps to restore any damage from everyday styling, to help maintain and protect hair colour and health. The K18 Molecular Repair Treatment Mask can be used in three simple steps:

  1. Shampoo your hair, do not condition it, and then towel dry thoroughly.
  2. Begin with one pump of the K18 Hair Mask, working from the ends to the roots, and add more as needed depending on length, thickness, and hair condition.
  3. Let this sit for four minutes to activate. Style your hair as usual, but do not rinse out.

The K18 Hair product range also includes two salon service products; K18 Professional Mist, 150ml, which is a pre-service treatment that strengthens hair before a chemical service and the K18 Professional Mask.