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Keratin Complex® Launches Newest Addition to the KCTexture Collection, KCTexture® Leave-in Conditioner!

Calling all curly, coily, wavy and tight textures! Keratin Complex, the professional salon industry leader in professional smoothing treatments, hair color, haircare, and styling ranges, has just launched their new leave-in conditioner specifically designed for all kinds of curl patterns. Did you know that keratin does not necessarily equal straighter, smoother hair? Signature Keratin strengthens hair and delivers healthy, beautiful results to all hair types and textures. Keratin Complex is proving this through their newest addition to the KCTEXTUREcollection.     

Introducing KCTEXTURE®Leave-in Conditioner! The Keratin Complex KCTEXTUREis all about supporting beautiful, healthy curls every day with products designed to deliver amped up hydration and definition! 

Stylists and clients will love KCTEXTURE®Leave-in Conditioner as this lightweight, ultra-hydrating leave-in conditioner restores curls and locks in moisture while adding curl definition, softness, and shine. Featuring a proprietary blend of Signature Keratin, coconut and watermelon seed oils, and soy and barley proteins, this hydrating leave-in strengthens and moisturizes, and while it’s designed specifically for curls, it can also be used on all hair fabrics. 

Give hair the ultimate boost of hydration with this best-in-class curl care. Prevent dry or frizzy curls with this all-new, versatile leave-in designed to seal in moisture to every curl while also helping to soften, detangle and protect the hair. It also helps deliver soft curl pattern definition.

Curly hair can be more prone to frizz, but this hair revitalizer reduces frizz and flyaways while improving elasticity. Use it on dry or damp hair to prep for protective or natural styling by spraying and distributing throughout hair, focusing on mid-shafts and ends, then style as desired. Or use it for finishing or refreshing a style by applying a small amount to hairline or throughout style to tame and control unruly dry hair. 

KCTEXTURE®Leave-in Conditioner is an esssential part of the aftercare of KCTEXTURE®Curl Enhancing Keratin System—the first-ever keratin treatment created for all curl levels that requires NO HEAT! It enhances and defines curly, coily and tight textures while restoring essential moisture to the hair. This treatment preserves all curl patterns, adds softness and shine and lasts up to 3 months!

KCTEXTURE®Leave-in Conditioner is designed to maintain the results of the KCTEXTURE®.  treatment and is the perfect addition to every curly hair regimen!

Keratin Complex products can be found at your local professional beauty distributor, SalonCentric or online at


Keratin Complex, a leading full-service professional beauty manufacturer, was founded in 2007 and quickly gained national and international recognition thanks to its revolutionary keratin smoothing treatments. Keratin Complex realized that the key to creating an innovative treatment that was both gentle and effective lay in harnessing the power of keratin, an essential hair protein that delivers incredible benefits, all without breaking the bonds of the hair. Since its launch, Keratin Complex has introduced a number of ground-breaking products, including KCMAX – the company’s strongest, straightest smoothing treatment yet.