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Sweet Squared on behalf of LASHUS, is celebrating the appointment of lash and brow industry expert, Jenny Hodgson as General Manager. 

With over 12 years in the lash and brow industry, Jenny will work on growing the LASH US brand in the UK and internationally.  

Jenny Hodgson

Jenny comments: “Client demand for enhanced lash and brow treatments continues to flourish, with the lash industry expected to reach a value of £1.1 billion sales globally in the next five years.” 

Since launching in 2019 the Lift by LASHUS has cemented its status as one of the most reliable lash lifts on the market and the treatment continues to grow in popularity, with clients looking for natural looking enhancements. 

Jenny adds: “There’s still so much more potential for the brand and for our beauty customers – both in the UK and internationally, as lashes and brows become a staple of clients’ beauty requirements. I’m looking forward to working with the LASH US team and our customers on our new product development and strategy for the future.”