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Saturday, April 17, 2021

New Rules State Face Masks and Visors Must be Worn when Conducting Close-Contact Services in England.

From Saturday 15th, hairdressers in England will be required to wear a face mask and visor, Boris Johnson has announced.

The move comes in the wake of easing lockdown restrictions, including lifted rules on practicing close-contact services such as facial treatments and aesthetics.

The new legislation will require all staff offering close-contact services – including hairdressers, barbers, and those conducting remote treatments – to wear both a face-mask and clear visor.

Stricter fines have also been announced for noncompliance. At present, £100 fines can be issues to those who refuse to wear a face covering, but under the new measures, the penalty will double for repeat offenses, up to a maximum of £3,200.

In the wake of these changes, Keith Conniford, CEO of the Hair and Barber Council released a statement:

“Being able to stay open and to trade is critical for our industry’s survival, and if wearing a visor and a face mask enables us to keep all our customers and staff safe, whilst still remaining ‘open for business’ then we MUST all do as the Government tells us!”

For business support and news on the application government guidelines, see The Hair and Beauty Council website.