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NHBF Unveils Top 100 Influencers Shaping the Hair & Beauty Industry

NHBF Unveils Top 100 Influencer Index, Recognising Influencers Shaping the Hair & Beauty Industry

The National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF) proudly announces this year’s highly anticipated Top 100 Influencer Index, celebrating the dynamic individuals who have profoundly impacted and shaped the hair and beauty sector landscape.

 In an era where innovation, creativity, and digital prowess redefine the standards of a hair and beauty professional, for the third year running, the NHBF has meticulously curated a prestigious list acknowledging the visionaries, trendsetters, and trailblazers who are propelling the sector forward. Held at St John’s Church in Hyde Park, The NHBF Top 100 Influencer Index celebrated the diverse voices, skills, knowledge and exceptional contributions of professionals across the diverse breadth of our unique, innovative and progressive sector, including but not limited to hairstyling, skincare, makeup artistry, salon management, and entrepreneurial leadership. 

Hairdressing influencer and hairstylist Chloe Swift took home the coveted number one spot after placing 13thin 2022 and 9th at the inaugural awards in 2021. A delighted Chloe commented, “I’m so pleased and genuinely surprised to have landed the top spot at the NHBF Top 100 Influencer Index! As it’s ranked with social stats and analytics, you never know which way it will go when the rankings are announced – I was just hoping for a place in the top 5 to be honest! I’ve been lucky enough to be in the top 20 for the last 2 years – #9 in 2021 and #13 in 2022. This year I really focused on posting 6 days a week consistently across 3 platforms, sharing hair styling tutorials and tips for both professionals and consumers. Thank you NHBF for the #1 spot, I can’t wait for the year ahead!”  

Caroline Larissey, the newly elected Chief Executive of the NHBF added, “The NHBF Top 100 Influencer Index represents a celebration of innovation, talent, and dedication within the hair and beauty sector. These influencers not only champion professionalism they have transformed trends but more importantly they have also significantly contributed to raising the profile and advancement of our sector, inspiring others to push boundaries and strive for greatness.” 

THE NHBF Top 100 Influencer Index Top 20:  

1: Chloe Swift                                                  11: Harriet Westmoreland2: 2.Joseph I’Anson                                            12: Sarah Dixon
3: Sarah Brawley                                             13: Jack Mead
4: Jaymz Rigby-Marsters                                 14: Lydia Wolfe
5: Kirsty Meakin                                              15: Heffy Wheeler
6: Ben Brown                                                  16: Charlotte Cliff
7: Amber Rose Peake                                      17: Rob Wood
8: Casey Coleman                                           18: Michelle Humphrey
9: James Earnshaw                                         19: Lulu Richards
10: Connor J Doyle                                          20: Sophia Hilton

Hilton The NHBF recognises that the sectors evolution continues to be fuelled by our unique, innovative pool of talent, collaboration, education, creativity, and forward-thinking strategies. As such, the Top 100 Influencer Index serves as a beacon, uniting professionals and enthusiasts in their shared passion for raising the profile, championing professionalism with the sector and serving as a source of inspiration for future generations.