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Ask anyone, the most painful part of going to the hairdressers is staring at yourself for hours on end when you’re looking your worst.

For those that have self-confidence issues, which is most of us, this really can be damaging to our self esteem. Your salon experience is supposed to lift you, yet for many they leave the salon feeling less confident after hours of painstakingly picking themselves apart…

Introducing the Not Another Salon ‘Mirrorless Haircut’

Founder, Sophia Hilton says:
“From a scientific point of view we are 6 times more likely to remember the negative than the positive, so no matter how fabulous that final ‘reveal’ moment is, it is never going to replace the painful hours our client experienced before as they had the time to sit, stare and pick apart their perceived imperfections. The ‘Mirrorless Haircut’ eliminates that.”

Not Another Salon has always been a safe space with a ‘no judgment policy’, because of this their clients often have mental health issues, neurotypical minds and low self esteem. They created the world’s first ‘Silent Haircut’ three years ago, so the ‘Mirrorless Haircut’ takes things one step further!

So why now? Sophia says:

“For years clients have complained about having mirrors in the salon, so why is it that we still work in a room full of reflections? The answer is actually in geometry.

People don’t know this, but the mirror is not for the client, it is for the hairdresser. If you rewind back to the time where clients would have their hair set, teasing out a balanced look was a very important part, therefore the hairdresser needed the mirror’s support to do this.

Fast forward to the geometric cutting era of the 60’s with Vidal Sasoon and the mirror became an integral part of the hairdressing process.

However, trends have now changed. Long Hair and colour is more prevalent, so the need for the mirror has massively decreased. It’s actually not uncommon for a colour specialist salon to do colour services at the mirror-less table. I imagine for 80% of the services, you could remove the mirror completely.”

The ‘Mirrorless Haircut’ is really easy to book, all you do is call Not Another Salon, book your normal service but request the ‘Mirrorless Haircut’ option. Your service will be exactly the same, minus staring at yourself for hours!