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November Projects Round Up

The end of the year is fast approaching and with that in mind, many of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Project Teams are attending their last Project Team Days.

The Project Men team were delighted to spend their team day with Kelly Leclercq, KAO Senior Educator, for a day all about colour. This was the team’s first experience of working with colour application and techniques and a worthwhile addition to the team’s calendar for the year.

Commenting on the day, Project Team Member, Eletrra Guggeri, said, “The day with Kelly was all about colour application and techniques. The training was super interesting yet challenging for us, as we don’t do colour. Kelly was amazing and she covered an extensive list of topics. After the theory we went hands on practicing on the mannequin heads with some pastel colours and different techniques. The training was very helpful in understanding colour basics and how different products work on the hair.”


  • Rees Bryla, Sarai Hair & Beauty
  • Thomas Griffin, Nashwhite
  • Kyle Dodson, Beasley’s Beards & Barnets
  • Elettra Guggeri, Richard Ward

The Clubstar Art Team spent their team day with x3 times Northern Ireland Hairdresser of the Year, Sharon Malcolm at the Wella World Studio in London learning different techniques to help with hair ups. In addition to the Clubstar Art Team, two guests also attended the day – Becky Hare who is a member of the 2024 ClubStar Art Team and Hallie Head, who won the Fellowship’s Foundation Award at the Concept Hair Learner of the Year earlier this year.

Commenting on the day, Becky Hare, 2024 Clubstar Art Team Member, said, “The day was great, Sharon was thorough and encouraging to work with, we learnt 4 different types of hair up ranging from a classic chignon to undone festival hair. As well as learning a range of different techniques that have made hair-up loads easier I have also learnt what techniques need to work on and I can’t wait to perfect them and show them to Sharon.”


  • Olivia Brady, The Honeycomb Hair
  • Lily-Rose Cumper, Hair by Lily-Rose
  • Kieran Martin, Charter Cutting Company
  • Jordan Heyes, Jordan Heyes Hair
  • Izaac Patty, Mayfive Hair
  • Lucy Boodell, Goldsworthys, Cirencester
  • Phoebe Carraro, Sean Hanna

Finally, the Project Colour team also head their last team day with Project Leader Daniel Couch and the Fellowship President, Robert Eaton at their home salon Russell Eaton in Leeds. Daniel and Robert showcased some of their show stopping looks focusing on technique and colour placement. Throughout the day they taught the team how to create hair styles that relate to a brief and how to “talk the look” using the right descriptive words to convey the mood and feeling of a look.

Project Colour Team Member, Allie Harknett, said, “Our session with Robert Eaton and Daniel was one of my favourite days! Going through how to create a look focusing on clothing rather than just the hair was eye opening. You never really get taught that side of collections so it’s a lesson definitely worth learning! Both Robert and Daniel work amazingly together and stepping into their space for the day was such a good experience.”


  • Elle Foreman, Tribe Clapham
  • Elisha Potter, Mind Hair & Soul
  • Clare Cartwright, Elysian Hair
  • Laura Kirton, Review
  • Stephanie Dwyer, Hair by Stephanie Dwyer
  • Allie Harknett, Tribe Chislehurst
  • Chelsey Stone
  • Morgan Graham, MG The Hair Specialists
  • Sean Sorensen, Headmasters Soho
  • Stephen Campbell, Hair & Co
  • Stevie Leah Loscombe, Blue Tit
  • Rosie Williams, The Hair Surgery