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Olivia Garden 2022 Academy Awards Tip Sheet

Best Actress Nominee – Olivia Colman

HAIR BY: Marcus Francis for Olivia Garden

INSPIRATION: “Olivia’s look tonight was inspired by her Dior gown. I wanted to embody a timeless beauty much like French and Italian movie stars of the 50s and 60s.”

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: To achieve this look, I started with the Olivia Garden iDetangle Paddle Brush to brush hair out and evenly distribute the product from root to tip. I followed this by drying the hair using the Olivia Garden Eco Hair Combo Vent Brush and Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Hair Dryer.

Next, I made a deep side part to shape the style around, then I used the Olivia Garden Titanium + Ion Curling Iron to help create fullness and soft texture for the updo. I created an effortless take on a French twist in the back, twisting and knotting the hair from the nape to the crown. I finished by teasing the top section with the Olivia Garden Style Up Folding Teasing Brush and smooth edit out with the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Supreme Paddle Brush.

With Olivia’s dark hair and silver gown, I wanted to add some Oscar glamour by stitching the silver twine into the hair.

Best Actress Winner – Jessica Chastain

HAIR BY: Renato Campora for Olivia Garden& Hair Rituel by Sisley

INSPIRATION: “Jessica’s look tonight was created with the idea of keeping her look fresh and modern. I created a soft but textured modern ponytail to contrast the movement of her beautiful 30’s inspired dress.”

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: I started out by applying the Madison Reed Hair Color Mask ZUCCA to revive Jessica’s iconic hair color to achieve this look. I prepped Jessica’s hair with Hair Rituel by Sisley-Paris Volumizing Spray to add volume and texture at the roots for long-lasting lift effect. I then began to dry Jessica’s hair using the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Hair Dryer. Once hair was dry, I used the Olivia Garden Titanium + Ion Flat Iron to add shine and sleekness and added Hair Rituel by Sisley-Paris Revitalizing Fortifying Serum to achieve extra shine and nourishment from midshaft down. I followed this by brushing through her hair with my hands and the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Supreme Combo Paddle Brush to add natural texture.

Next, I brushed Jessica’s hair straight back and teased the crown a bit using the Olivia Garden Style Up Folding Teasing Brush. I gathered all of Jessica’s hair gently in my hands and tied it into a high ponytail securing it with an elastic. I pulled the front pieces out and twisted the pony with my fingers to keep it fresh and airy.