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OMG Beauty Show Airs Today!

Our SalonEVO North American columnist, Olivia Smalley, is launching her very own TV show this Thursday, OMG Beauty Show.

Check out Olivia’s new OMG Beauty Show to learn more of her beauty hacks, tutorials, tips and product recommendations. This show is meant to go shopping, it’s as easy as snap, tap and go! Olivia has created QR code’s on her show after each hack that take you directly to purchase products and then show up directly at your door. 

“This show is meant to go shopping! Think QVC meets E Entertainment LIVE! It’s as easy as snap, tap and go! While watching, QR code’s will pop up on screen taking you directly to purchase products I include in my beauty hacks and they show up directly at your door. Pretty genius right?”
Olivia Smalley @omgartistry

To check out Olivia’s OMG Beauty Show, just download the STIRR App Channel 285 on BspokeTV on Apple or Android, or better yet download STIRR on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, or Firestick. OMG Beauty Show will air every Thursday night starting May 27th at 6 pm PST / 9pm EST.

To learn more and to download the Stirr App, click here