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Oribe Hair Care Introduces New Très Set Structure Spray, with Ambassador James Pecis

Oribe Hair Care introduces Très Set Structure Spray, a revolutionary new styling product that takes a modern approach to a retro-inspired setting spray. Designed for both consumers and professional stylists, this versatile spray foam adds structure, density, and shine while making it easy to achieve a variety of looks that last – from everyday classic blowouts to special-occasion styles.

Traditionally, setting lotions or sprays were used by professional hairstylists to create the structured curl sets that were synonymous with 1920s style (the process of applying product to the hair and then shaping and “setting” it with heat using rollers or a curling iron). The sprays were known for their strong hold, but they would often flake and did not offer adaptability; once a style was set, it could not be transformed. Très Set Structure Spray offers a modernized take on a classic setting spray.

Oribe Global Ambassador James Pecis was integral in the creation of Très Set and worked with Oribe’s Product Development team to create and perfect the final Très Set formula, which can be used at home, in the salon and on set.

“For years, I’ve been searching for a product to create long-lasting styles on set that won’t flake, but I haven’t been able to find anything that worked once multiple layers were applied,” said James. “With Très Set as my foundation styling product, I can continually change the look and layer other products as needed without flaking or going flat. Memory and volume will stay throughout the day.”

Très Set Structure Spray lives in the Oribe Signature family of products, as it is formulated to work across a variety of hair types, from fine hair to medium and thick textures. The Structure Spray is a versatile formula that will add density, shine, longevity, and structure to a range of styles, such as curls, waves, iron sets, updos and blowouts. The Très Set Structure Spray is a heat-activated product, as is necessary to style with heat following application, and provides heat protection up to 450°, and is safe to use on processed hair.

To top it all off, the cap, aluminum can, and paper outer carton are all recyclable. All Oribe paper-based packaging is made from materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC works internationally to reduce environmental impact, promote the long-term vitality of forests, and uphold the rights of workers and indigenous peoples.