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OUT NOW: North America Issue 8

Welcome summer to your salon

Welcome to the eighth edition of SalonEVO North America. Summer has arrived and with it the opportunity to offer guests the hair they have craved throughout those turgid lockdowns. Summer blondes are back, and we have a special feature on haircare for the summer months for you to check out. The world is opening back up, events are back and it’s time to help your guests shine.


In this bumper issue, we look at what education can offer in terms of taking your career onwards and upwards. We spoke to Ulta Beauty’s Pro Team about how a team dynamic can work when it comes to education and go behind the scenes with their incredible Everyone collection which is featured on our front cover.

The king of education Sam Villa has an incredible drive to share knowledge with everyone. A man with four decades of insights, he is an inspiration and a shot of positivity for anyone looking to upgrade their skillset. Also featured is Patrick Thompson of the Aveda Institute, looking at what they can offer students, and advice on what students should look for when they are deciding where to study.

Summer haircare

We all love summer, right? However, your client’s hair might not be such a big fan of all that sun damage and dehydration that is coming its way. Blondes in particular have more to worry about, and we look at the latest advice for blondes, on how to get that bombshell blonde look in the first place, with blonde specialist, Marcus Moor and how to keep those locks looking luscious with Sean Kennedy a blonde services expert.

Brows and lashes

If ever there was a time that brows and lashes are making a statement it is now, with half of our faces covered by a mask, the one thing that stands out is those gorgeous peepers.

We talk about the latest products from Elleebana, and how quality lash and brow services are more in demand than ever. Also, we have a talk with the Novalash artist of the year as she makes a splash into the world of lashes and how aiming high got her the title.

Spa services

Adding spa services to your salon can bring a whole new clientele to your door, and that means added revenue. We look at what services to offer and how to keep track of what is working for you and your customers with advice from spa mentor Erin MacNeil, as she gives top tips on how to make the most of turning your passion into profits.

Hair loss / enhancements

It’s a sensitive subject but one that now has more options than ever for those that are suffering with hair loss or thinning hair. We speak to a mine of information; celebrity trichologist Mark Blake and he talks us through the best advice for clients on how to address hair loss and tips on how to keep hair healthy and happy.

We also discuss a wide range of wigs, toppers and extensions with Rhea Biano, who has been changing lives by offering hair replacement services. For hair thinning we have some incredible advice from Katie Bruce who loves the science behind the ingredient lists in products and tells us what clients with hair thinning issues should be avoiding at all costs. Think about what product is in the hair all day long… is it helping or hindering hair thinning. She has the answers.

As always we have all the latest product launches, the best business advice from industry experts and incredible imagery that sets SalonEVO apart.